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Personal Hotspot on your phone can provide the internet access you need on other devices such as your computer. All you require is to connect your iPhone to the device that requires the hotspot. This procedure usually comes in handy when you feel that your Wi-Fi network is a little bit weak and the things you are doing are urgent and kinda rely on network connectivity. Only when you got adequate mobile data then your iPhone’s personal hotspot will do the trick.

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Set Up Personal Hotspot on iPhone

The process of setting up personal hotspot on iPhone is very easy. You just need to follow the steps below then check on the device you wanted to use the hotspot on, then connect once your iPhone name appears.

Step 1. Go to Settings then Personal Hotspot

Open settings on your iPhone, here a list of options will appear. Tap on personal hotspot in order to proceed to the next step. Just as follows;

Step 2. Allow others to Join

To be able to connect to other devices, you need to allow others to join to your hotspot by turning on the feature shown below;

NB/ Since the WLAN password does not seem favourable to anyone trying to join to your Hotspot, ensure that you change it to a memorable one. One that contains letters, both upper and lower case, numbers and symbols. This is very important to note.

Change the password by tapping on the highlighted part, indicated “tap here to change password” as shown in the image above.

Step 3. Type in New Password

When you do as shown in step 2 above. You will get a bank space to fill in your new password. Just as the image illustrates;

Step 4. Check if you can Connect to Other Devices

Say you wanted to connect your iPhone’s Hotspot to your Windows computer, here, browse to the Wi-Fi connection icon, then click on it. Here, you will see your iPhone’s name appearing. Click on it and connect. Check below;

Once it is visible, then you can connect to it directly. Here you will provide the password for the hotspot. Which is usually listed on the WLAN password section, just below Allow Others to Join.

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