On this article, we are going to focus on how to install Vivaldi Browser on Windows. Just like it can be installed on Pop!_OS Linux, Vivaldi can also run on the Windows Operating System. Vivaldi officially launched in 2016, gets our hope higher as any bugs and faults about it, especially in the initial stages, will have been fixed by now, making it more suitable. Aside many other features that Vivaldi browser has, the easy way to stack your open tabs in a tidy way is one of the best. No matter how many tabs you have opened, they will still look tidy with Vivaldi browser. Check out other features that you will get to enjoy on the Vivaldi browser page.

Install Vivaldi Browser on Windows 10

The following steps will guide you through towards the successfully installation of Vivaldi Browser on Windows 10.

  • Step 1. Download the Vivaldi .exe file

Visit the Vivaldi downloads page and download the version that fits your Operating System.

  • Step 2. Open the downloaded .exe file on your Windows System

Head over to the downloads section then just click on the file to open.

  • Step 3. Accept and Install Vivaldi Browser on Windows

Once you open the downloaded file, a window will pop up, which prompts you to cancel or accept and install the browser. Proceed to accept and install Vivaldi browser on your system as follows;

  • Step 4. Since Vivaldi browser has been successfully installed, you can set it as your default browser

To do so, just click on set as default, when a small window pops up and prompts you to, just like as shown;

Since we have learnt how to install Vivaldi browser on Windows, let’s look at ho you can uninstall it.

Uninstall Vivaldi browser on Windows

The steps below will help you uninstall Vivaldi browser on Windows;Close all Vivaldi Tabs and Windows.

  • Go to Settings then Apps
  • Select Apps & Features on the left panel
  • Locate Vivaldi on the right side of apps and features, and then tap on it and click the uninstall option that appears
  • Confirm the uninstallation by clicking on uninstall option on the small pop-up window

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