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In a few simple steps, you can actually find and delete large files in your Windows PC. This actually helps a lot when you are trying to free up some disk space and make your computer more efficient. The article below will help save you a lot of time that you would have taken going through every drive looking or a specific size of the files you want to delete.

Find and Delete Large Files in Windows 10

It could be you want to get rid of the large or huge files depending on their size, that is taking up some of your hard drive space. Let’s check out the steps to help you find large files then delete them easily.

Step 1. Open File Explorer

Go to file explorer on your computer then click on it to open, then search for this PC.

Step 2. Open This PC

This is where you can find any file on your computer. On the search box of this PC, type size: which will let you find files based on their sizes then you can delete them.

Step 3. On Search Tools, click on Size

When you type size: on this PC search box, many options appear that will help you filter your files. On the search tools, click the drop down arrow on size to be able to filter the file sizes.

From here, choose the size of files you are looking to delete. The range of files is described in the highlighted image above. It could be large, huge or gigantic.

Step 4. Go to View and Select Details

Just before the search option, there is view, click on it then click details. This will open up all the files under the category you selected (say small). They will all be in a list format just as shown;

Step 5. Right click on the files you want to delete

Once you are on the details section, below it will be a list of the files you had chosen according to their file size. Among them are unnecessary. Find those that you are sure when delete will not cause any problems to your computer. Once you find them, right click on each then choose delete on the options provided.

Delete Files using Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is a Windows in-built program that allows you to free up some space on your hard drive by deleting unnecessary files.

Step 1. Open Disk cleanup on your computer

On your search box, type disk and you will see disk cleanup pop up. Open it then locate your files say by size. This is done by typing the word size on the search area.

Step 2. Select your C drive you to clean up

Depending on the number of drives you got. Could be you had done a drive partitions and ended up with drive C, D, & E. This is where you choose the one you want to clean up then hit OK.

Step 3. Choose the Files to Delete

Once you have selected the drive to clean up just as shown in step 2, another window that allows you to select what to delete appears. From the list choose what to delete, that which you think is taking up your space and is safe to delete.

Step 4. Delete Files

An alert that confirms if you want to delete the files permanently will appear. You can confirm this by clicking delete files.


Once you know how to free up some space on your hard drive, you will not be bothered anymore by having a full one. Just utilize the options above and you are good to go.

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