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TeamViewer is a software that can get you solve a lot of issues remotely. The good thing is that you can install TeamViewer on Windows system, just like you can do it on other Operating Systems such as Pop!_OS. With this program, you get to access other computers remotely, say those of your customers, or even a guardian who has been on your neck to fix their computer but you are so far away. There is the free version of TeamViewer which is mainly for personal use and there is the paid version which is often used for business.

There is so much that you can achieve when you install TeamViewer on Windows, and they include the following;

  • You get to control a computer or an android remotely
  • You can connect from mobile to PC, PC to PC, mobile to mobile, or PC to mobile
  • You can share files of any size
  • You get to wake computers that are on sleep mode
  • With TeamViewer meetings, you can communicate better with your team

Install TeamViewer on Windows

Below is a step by step process on how to install TeamViewer on Windows;

From here, you can just download what is compatible with your Windows system, either, 64-bit or 32-bit.

  • Step 2. Start TeamViewer set up Wizard

Once you have downloaded the TeamViewer file, you need to open it, then follow the set up wizard to the end to get the software installed on your system. Choose default installation, show advanced settings, and then tap on accept-next.

  • Step 3. Allow the Program to make Changes to your device

Ensure that on the next step, you allow the program to make changes to your device, then choose the options you want to use or the ones you see fit for you on the next window, just like as shown below;

Then, wait while the TeamViewer is being installed on your system just as per the options you choose.

  • Step 4. Choose how you want to Use TeamViewer

The next window list for you the options you need to choose from, could be for commercial use or personal use. Then tap on finish to complete the set up.

  • Step 5. TeamViewer successfully installed on Windows

Once the installation is successful, when you open TeamViewer, this is what appears, and thus the proof that the process is complete.

The above piece represents a step by step guide on how to install TeamViewer on Windows. You just have to follow through and you will done with it in no time.

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