Yes, I love you has got a deeper meaning. That is why there is a difference between I like you and I love you. The other is much deeper than another. However, most people these days misuse the use of the word I love you. They use it anyhow just to get another partner to submit to them. Below are the declarations that comes with the word I love you and that which an individual should understand before they tell anyone this. Deeper meaning of I love you as elaborated by Deanne Laura Gilbert.

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1.I embrace you for who you are; This means that your partner does not expect you to change anything. They love you unconditionally for what makes you.

2.That you do not need to be perfect, I love you just the same; Nobody is perfect and so does your partner. He/she will always accept both your flaws and imperfections.

3.I will always be with you even during adversity; When you are going through hard times your partner will always be there to give you a crying shoulder.

4.I will shower you with love even when you feel so down; When you are weak and feeling that the whole world is against you, your partner will always be there to support you and give you the strength to move on.

5.Even when you seem grumpy and fatigued to help me, I will love you; Even during bad moods and feeling demotivated you can always count on your partner to love you and help lift your moods.



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