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Most people just work endlessly without considering the downfalls that lack of sleep can bring about.There are so many disadvantages that comes about with sleep deprivation. Here are a few of those effects;

1.Your Productivity lowers

For you to be productive you ought to have had adequate rest and relaxation. You are not in a position of thinking clearly and coming up with sound plans if you are often sleep deprived. The mind does not work as it should when it is fatigued.

2. Your health deteriorates

There are so many health risks that are associated with lack of sleep. Diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure and heart failures are among the ones associated with those who lack enough sleep.

3. Fatigue creeps in

A constant repetition of poor sleeping habits leads to general tiredness. On daily basis, you feel tired and confused even when you have not engaged in any activity. Fatigue keeps recurring until your body cannot keep up anymore.

4. Concentration plummets

Concentration requires full functioning of the mind. When the mind is tired, you can never concentrate. You will keep losing focus on topics at all times. This is because the cognitive processes have been impaired.

5. You stagnate in delivering projects

The lack of the ability to concentrate in one topic for long impairs your project delivery. Projects needs determination and focus in order to be completed and lack of it leads to poor productivity.

6. You become prone to accidents

Most accidents happen due to lack of enough rest. Poor sleep pattern can lead to drowsiness while driving, working or even walking.

7. Lack of sleep can make you lose memories of many things

So many forgetful individuals are victims of poor sleeping habits. For one to be able to remember things done on the previous days, their minds need to be refreshed and this cannot happen if you do not get adequate amount of sleep.

8. Lack of sleep leads to poor time management

You can never manage your time well if you are sleep deprived. Whenever it gets cozy, you begin to doze off. The lack of concentration also leads to huge consumption of time in projects that would need little time to be completed.

9. Lack of sleep can lead to stress and even depression

Stress emerges from being tired and confused all the time. By trying to figure out why this happens to you causes you to worry a lot. The inability to deliver as expected and achieve the set targets also leads to stress. When stress heaps up it can cause depression.

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