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When starting a new year, every individual does what is called self reflection so that they can come up with a plan. A plan is made according to how they have spent the previous year and how they wish on spending the next. Resolutions are made based on what was achieved, what needs improvement and what is yet to be achieved.

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While on this quest of trying to find a way of making your current year successful, they following reminders are worth remembering, because they will add value in who you want to become this 2020.

1.Always put yourself first

Remember that you always have a task of looking after yourself. In all that you plan, ensure that you come in as the first priority. Do not prioritize others over yourself, because those people will also always put themselves as the first priority. Cut off those people who backbite you, those who never support you, those that stress you a lot and those that do not add you any value. You need to live a life that satisfies you and the only way to do that is by keeping those people who add value to your life and care for you. There is no need for trying to accommodate everyone, it does not matter how few those who surround you, as long as they uplift you in every aspect of your life, keep them.

2.Let life take its course

One important thing about life is never forcing anything to work for you. Sometimes you let yourselves become so desperate in wanting something to work for you so badly to the point that you make desperate choices. You are not perfect and will never have everything, concentrate on the path that you feel suits you and work for you. Leave that which is never yours and move on.

3.Accept those who accept you

Mutual love is what is important to every individual.Never struggle to keep up with others so that they can love you.This will just be a waste of time because the moment you are equal with them, they will still find faults to put you down or rather develop jealousy towards your achievements. Which is never good, because all you need in life is those who help you achieve more and beat your goals.

4.Understand your value

Coming to terms with your value helps to shield you from so many downfalls. First,you will never second guess your capability, friends will never intimidate your goals, you will always believe in yourself and you will never allow anyone to put you down. All these values helps to steer you into bettering your life. Your principles become firm and you will pursue your dreams and goals to the latter.

5.Never beg for love

If someone loves you, you will never struggle to impress them nor will you try and change who you are so that they can accept you. If someone loves you, they will learn to accept all your flaws and imperfections. If an individual decides to end things with you, then you should never beg them to be with you. Move on and eventually you will find that person that cherishes you each day.

6.Never procrastinate

Procrastination ushers in laziness and stagnation. If you need to work on something, do it immediately, never think that you got more time the next day when you already have ample time now. Those who are prone to procrastinating stuff on daily bass never get anything done at all, the reason for this is, procrastination emerges as an idea into a character, then habit and finally becomes a routine. Once it reaches the routine face, it becomes dominant and cannot be broken nor reversed. Check; Real reasons why you are lazy

7.Work on your goals tirelessly

Goals are meant to be worked on and achieved and not just remain written. Since it is new year most people are motivated to working on certain goals but at the course of the journey, they forget their resolutions and adopt their old ways of being lazy, procrastinating and many more. Do not conform into your old ways because you will find yourself stuck in the same level you were in the previous year.

8.Minimize time wastage

Time wastage arises when you misuse your time doing that which does not add value to your life. All these wastage eventually leads to wasting your life.

9.Realize those habits that bring you down and find ways to avoid them

There are so many toxic habits that wastes an individuals time thus bringing them down. Such habits include too much time in he social media instead of maximizing that time to do that which is very constructive. Drop those routine and adopt better habits.

10.Observe a morning and evening routine that maximizes your productivity

There is no need to try and emulate someone else. Just because they wake up early does not mean you should wake up early to be productive. t could be you are productive in the evening more than morning. Evaluate the time that you see yourself productive and maximize that time.


There are those things that keep your adrenaline up,those that push you forward to the better. Learn to hold on to those things and make them your day to day song. By doing this, you will realize tremendous improvement in your life at large, from your goals to personal growth.

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