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The Microsoft Management Console is sort of an empty tool box in Windows whereby as the user, you can add/remove snap-ins or rather utilities. These are the kind of tools are often used in your windows system. These include, disk management, performance monitor and even event viewer. You can make these tools easily accessible say on your desktop area.

The article below will guide you through the process of adding snap-ins on your Microsoft Management Console. Then easily access them on the location you decide to save them to.

Customize Microsoft Management Console on Windows

Follow the process below and you will successfully add your tools on the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

Step 1. Open Microsoft Management Console

To access the Microsoft Management Console, go to your start menu then type mmc and open.

2. Click on the File option, then tap Add/Remove Snap-in

Once you have opened the mmc, you will be met with a window. On the top part of the window, there are a few options. Click on the one named file, then proceed to select add/remove snap-in.

Step 3. Add/remove Snap-in in the dialog box, then click Add

To do this, proceed to the snap-in section, tap on the one you want to add to the mmc, then click add. Do this for all the tools you want to add in

Repeat the process above until you have added all the snap-ins you required. At a point, you will be asked the computer you want to use the snap-in on. Just like as shown;

Here, you can either choose local or another computer, (which is on the same network) depending on the option that suits you.

Once you are done selecting your snap-ins, ensure that you click OK, so that you can proceed to save the console.

Step 4. Save the Console

To save the console and determine its location, click on file then tap on, save as. Here you will choose its location then save it there.

Depending on where you saved your snap-ins, that is where it will be displayed. In our case, we saved in on desktop, and it is as shown below;

As shown above, it is just where I saved it on.

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