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The PowerToys Keyboard Manager is a type of utility that allows you to change or rather customize keyboard keys to the way you like them. For example there are those combinations that you often use on daily basis and you find that they are so far apart from each other. On this instance you are usually prompted to use both your hands in order to reach the other key you wanted to make a shortcut with. Well, the keyboard manager comes in handy in helping you solve the above problem.

Others decide to customize keyboard keys for their own satisfaction, it could be they just want to be different from others. Or rather find it awkward that some keys are on one end, thus want to change their position.

Some shortcuts however cannot be remapped since they are reserved by the Operating System;

  • Win+L and Ctrl + Alt + Del 
  • The Fn (function) key also cannot be remapped in most cases. However, F1F12 (and F13F24) keys can be remapped
  • Pause or rather the space bar

Customize Keyboard Keys using Keyboard Manager

The guide below will show you how you can customize keyboard keys successfully. Let’s delve into the process;

Step 1. Download & Install the Keyboard Manager

This is an application that will help you in the keyboard keys customization process, thus the essence of having it on your Windows. Visit to Github, then find the latest version of powerToys download it and then install it on your Windows system.

Step 2. Open PowerToys and select Keyboard Manager

Once the installation is done, launch the application, to see the options that it offers. On it, tap on Keyboard Manager. Just as shown below;

Step 3. Remap Keys to other Keys or Shortcuts

Let’s see what keys you can remap on this step. Just click on the remap a key then continue.

Once you tap as the arrow has shown, boxes to fill in the keys you want to remap to will appear. Just as shown;

Here, you can choose the keys you want to remap and also select the ones to map to.

Step 4. Remap Shortcuts to other shortcuts or Keys

Shortcuts can also be mapped to shortcuts or other keys. Image 1, shows how you can remap a shortcut to a shortcut;

Image 1
Image 2

Image 2, shows how you can remap a shortcut to a key.

As you can see above, you can customize keyboard keys the way you want easily. It is a process that is very easy to follow and understand. So do not let some keys trouble you anymore, just utilize the PowerToys Keyboard Manager and you are good to go.

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