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A Zoom meeting template, allows you to have the details of a meeting saved for future reuse. Whenever you have a meeting scheduled, there is actually a way of storing the fill in details of the meeting. This will help in reducing the amount of time you keep using while repeating the same things you had done in the previous meeting. So, for purposes of reusing the same details, you have to create a meeting template. On the template, you will have settings ranging from the ability to enter before an host, recording automatically among many other options.

Creating Zoom Meeting Template

The following procedure will help you create a meeting template successfully then you do not have to keep repeating yourself.

Step 1. Go to Zoom on your browser and Sign in

Go to your browser, then type Zoom sign in, then on the page that appears, input your email and password. Once you are in, you can navigate the options that are available for you. Below is what appears for you to sign in;

Step 2. Click Meetings options on the left

Once you have signed in, there are so many options available for you to browse on. For the purpose of our end result, click on meetings which is found on the left side of the page you get into next. Just as shown;

Step 3. Hit the option of schedule a Meeting

In order to create a meeting template, we have to first schedule a meeting, that will act as an example for other meetings to come.

Step 4. Choose and Select the settings you want to apply then Save

When you are in the meeting scheduler, you will find various options to navigate. Choose those that you want to add to meeting. Here, you can select when the meeting is scheduled to start, the date, topic, and if the meeting will reoccur in the future. You can also customize the meeting password, then browse the options as shown below. Once you have input everything you wanted, ensure that you save all the changes you made. Below is an example;

Step 5. Hit Save as Template then Save as a Meeting Template

The first option is just saving as template, whereby you have not even given it a name. A name will help you in the future to easily find the template you are looking for in case you are scheduling a meeting using an already created template. To save as a meeting template, you have to give the template a unique name. Just as shown;


Using a Template to Schedule a meeting

Since you already have a template created, let’s delve into actually being able to join a meeting using it. Remember that, the meeting you schedule will have most of the settings in the previously created template.

  • Sign in to Zoom
  • Hit on Meetings
  • Proceed to Schedule Meeting
  • Then choose use template, then click on the template you want to use, e.g Youth matters
  • Change the settings that do not apply to the current meeting then click save

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