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Once the Bluejeans installation is done, you would definitely want to create an account so that you can maximize the app usage. Considering what Bluejeans is offering, it is simple to join and host a meeting, smart as it uses AI voice recognition and it can be trusted for the security it offers. It is normal for one to look forward to its usage.

Creating Bluejeans Account

The following steps will guide you in the creation of Bluejeans account and hosting a meeting;

Step 1. Open the installed Bluejeans app and Sign up

This is if you do not have an account yet. If it the first time you are using it, after installation, you need t sign up so that you can use the application. As shown below;

Here you will be required to fill in some information, as follows; You are required to fill the information as highlighted below so that you can proceed to the next step by clicking undefined. You can also tick the box for allow Bluejeans to contact me….if you need notifications to be sent to you.

Step 3. Verify your email address

Once you have submitted your information, a Bluejeans email will be sent to you for email verification. Follow all the steps needed here until you complete what is needed of you. For email verification, something like the one below will appear;

Once this is done, your Bluejeans account will be created.

Step 4. Sign in and Start Bluejeans Meeting

Once you sign in, you can be able to start or join a meeting and even invite others using the link provided. You also need to choose which calendar to use, as for me, Google.

Then after, you can click on start, as highlighted above. This will open a meeting and you can host it then. You can also invite your participants using a link or by providing them with the meeting ID and passcode. Below is an example of the invite link;

Copy the link above and send it to those you want to join the meeting.


With the above process, you will have learnt on how to create a Bluejeans account as well as get conversant with how to start a Bluejeans meeting.


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