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Being able to create and pin groups to taskbar looks much more organized than having individual items listed one by one. So, instead of having a long list of items that are running on your taskbar, you can actually group them. This can be done using the taskbar group utility. Which is a free program used in windows that enables you to put or rather create group/s of multiple shortcuts that can be accessed from the taskbar.

This makes sense as it saves much on the space available on the taskbar, that is usually occupied by multiple separated shortcuts, when they can actually be placed in a group.

Create and Pin groups to Taskbar on Windows 10

In windows 10, there are so many utilities that you can download to help make your work easier. Among them is the task bar groups utility. The following steps will guide you through downloading the utility stated above to the final step on how to create and pin groups. Well, let’s get started;

Step 1. Download the taskbar group file

Go to Github then download the latest release of the taskbar group .zip-file. As shown below;

Step 2. Extract and run the file

Since the Zip file is compressed, you need to extract to obtain the .exe file which you can run on windows.

On the above image, click on extract all. Then, you can run the file after, this is what will appear once the installation is complete;

Step 2. Create a Taskbar group

To test the installed utility, you need to create your first group. As shown in the image above, click on add taskbar group. Here you will need to give a group name to your taskbar group, as well as an icon then add shortcuts. Just as shown;

NB/ You choose the icon image from the images in your computer. For the name, you formulate it and write it by yourself. When you click on add shortcuts, it will take you where some of your shortcuts are, from there you choose the ones you use frequently then select and add.

For the icon;

For the shortcut;

Once you are done adding the shortcuts, you should have a window such as the one below;

The above shows that you have successfully created a group and all you have to do is pin the group to your taskbar. Well, the guide below is just what you need;


There is nothing as awesome as having a clean taskbar with few stuff. No matter how many they are, you can group them using the taskbar group program and access them whenever you want to.

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