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Planning is a key value in each individual’s daily life. In most cases, you are required to plan on what to do with your money, how to spend your day, the tasks you need to accomplish, who to visit and even the meals you are going to take. Everything in general has planning in it. And, when you do not organize stuff in your life, they tend to go awry. As a matter of fact, everything gets distorted as a result of poor planning, from your mental state, emotional and even physical stuff. To say the least, poor planning is actually the root cause of so many failures in your life. Thus, it is necessary to remind yourself of some of the issues associated with this stumbling block. Below are some of the consequences that you tend to experience as a result of poor planning.

1.Leads to delays/getting behind schedule

Without a concrete plan regarding any project, you are bound to experience delays. This happens because you have no idea on the record of events that you are to undertake. So in case you have been experiencing hold ups regarding your plans, then you should re-consider updating a sound plan. Delays mainly occur as a result of poor time utilization and lack of purpose all yielded as a result of poor planning.

2.Creates confusion

Confusion takes root when you do not know what to do with your time. Often things/tasks clash when you do not have a plan on how to handle them. All these can bring about disorder thus leading to confusion. Confusion plummets an individual creativity and impairs any chance of changing things to the better,. To avoid this, always ensure that each evening before you sleep, you have created a plan on what you are going to undertake the next day.

3.Causes overspending

Each and every sector including the finance requires a thorough planning. When you lack a plan on where and how you allocate your funds, things are not going to favor you. Instead, you will find yourself spending money on things that you never needed and within no time you will be out of it. It is so easy to spend money, but hard to gain so be cautious on how you use it.

4.Leads to poor decision making

With the consequences associated with not having a plan, for example confusion, delays and rushing, nothing good can never come out of this. All these can easily lead to poor decision making as this is the time when your mind’s functionality is so low, there is no focus nor determination, only worry and regret. All these can be avoided when you know where you are heading.

5. Results to rushing

Since you do not have a plan and you are trying to make use of the available time, you tend to rush in an attempt to achieve more, but in the end you can only achieve little. If you do not sit down and strategize on what to do, rushing around will not help but rather make things worse. Learn to organize your task in a way that will not prompt any rushing and you will achieve better results.

6. You get overworked for nothing

When you lack a plan for the day. You can never get to settle to do one thing at a time. You just keep wandering around and doing any tasks that come your way. All these will keep you busy, however, you can never get to complete not even one task. All it more of fumbling around rather than getting busy doing something constructive. At the end of the day, you will have done a little or nothing, as you just found yourself having spend your time but can’t account for anything solid.

7. Destroys your pattern i.e causes you to get up late/sleep late

One common thing on not having a plan is you tend to wake up late. The reason being, you do not have that thing which motivates you to be up early. For example, a person who has got a plan, will ensure that they are up early in order to finish what the scheduled to. However, if you lack one, all you can do is lazy around till the day ends. It is always important to have a plan as an individual, if you want to have your day well accounted for, learn to have a chronicles of what is to take part. This will enable you achieve, the goals that you have set.

8. Harbors regret

Regret usually happens as a repercussion of the things not done nor completed. Take for example failure, this usually occurs when you do not chase your goals to the latter, or rather when you give up on something, then you will never have/achieve it. People tend to have regrettable thoughts when things they know they could have changed to the better had they made an attempt do not go well. In order to overcome guilt in life, then learn to make an attempt as much as you can in that which you know you have the capability to change. So that, you do not heap any negative notions of “I wish”, when that plan does not work.

9. Promote lack of purpose

Purpose is usually driven by action, and action on the other hand, happens when you have a plan. To have purpose, there is a chain that results to it, having the initial step as the plan. Actually, in simple terms, you can never have a purpose, if you do not go back to the drawing table and devise a plan on how you will handle various situations in life to achieve a certain goal. You need to come up with something that will always get you up every morning to work on, lest you be doomed with having no sense of purpose.

10.Decreased time for self

Time can only be utilized when you have a plan to guide you that between a certain time, you know what you will be handling. You can never find adequate time for things such as self care, if you do not know where to even start working your tasks. As much as work is essential, you need to remember that having time for self is also important. Things such as exercise, and having fun in general are what keep you from having a mental breakdown.

11. Poor to no productivity

Productivity happens only when you have a plan, then action and consequently you derive purpose from this. Delivering results in any project is portrayed when you know what you are doing, how you are expected to handle and the final anticipated achievements. All these gives you a sense of motivation and increase your chances of achieving your goals. However, when you lack a plan, productivity lowers since you lack a sense of direction and as a result focus and determination deteriorates.


Having read the above problems associated with poor planning, I am guessing this gives you an urge to plan your day more often. Do not just sit and wait for things to get in the wrong course for you to start planning, start as soon as possible so that in everything you do, you are able to achieve better results.

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