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Unlike other earphones that you just have to plug in to your device and do whatever you want to with them, wireless headphones requires you to set some things here and there. It does not take much of your time but when you are clueless on how to set up the connection, you might just get stuck somewhere. To solve this, I have put up the simplest steps you can follow anytime to get your connection right.

Step 1. Turn on the power button on the wireless headphones

This just requires you to head over to the power button on the JBL headphones then press it. As a result a white light will appear indicating that it is on. The headphone will look as follows;

Once this is done, you can proceed to the next step which is;

Step 2: Long press the power Button

Once the headphone is on, you need to long press the same power button so as to make it discoverable by other devices. You cannot manage to connect your headphones with other gadgets without making it discoverable first. When you long press, a flickering blue light will appear, showing it is ready for connection.

Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth on windows 10

Go to Bluetooth settings (by searching Bluetooth on your task bar then clicking open when the Bluetooth option appears) on your laptop then turn on Bluetooth as follows;

Once you are here, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your device by clicking on the highlighted icon from off to on as shown below;

Once this is done, then you need to do as follows;

Step 4: Click on the Add Bluetooth or other device

This is just above the on and off settings on Bluetooth.

Once this is done, your page will appear like this;

Click on the highlighted option, which will take you to the discoverable devices, just like as shown below;

For our case, we need to connect to JBL, so we will click on the option with JBL just like in the image above. Once the connection is done, The blue light on the headphones will no longer flicker but rather becomes static.


Following the above steps will get you connected in no time. There is nothing as sweet as getting the right procedure to solve your questions. We hope this helps someone out there and in case of any questions please contact us.

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