Life is never that easy for anyone. We all go through challenges at some point in life, however, with national pandemics involved, problems seems to soar. This Covid-19 season has not been easy, from job losses to adapting to new environments, especially to those who have always woken up to go to work in the morning and be back in the evening. This season has brought about some challenges and life lessons to many. Below are some of the common issues that people all over have had to cope with, so if you do just be sure you are not alone;

1. Financial constraints

Money is a key/means to acquire many things in life. From food, clothes, shelter and education. Considering that many have lost jobs or gotten their businesses closed, finances tend to become a rare commodity, especially to those who live paycheck to paycheck. It has not been an easy task for many to put food on the table or even pay hospital bills. You just have to find other means of survival which are not usually easy. Well, to tell you the least, you are not alone if you are facing this problem, just don’t give up yet.

2. Idleness and boredom

Most people are used to going to work on weekdays and going out to have fun on weekends. However, the corona season has made all the above impossible, no going to work nor outside to mingle. Many people find this so hard for them, it is like getting suffocated with a polythene bag. We all need a breath of fresh air, for life to move on normally. But, considering that we are in an abnormal time, we should consider adopting to these abnormal measures and find various other things to do in the Covid-19 season that can help us cope with the situation. There so many activities that we can indulge in at the comfort of our homes without having to go outside or even go to work.

3. Stress as a result of overthinking

Stress emerge when there are so many negative things running through your mind. It could be the lose of a loved one, job issues or even family disputes. All these impact negatively on your life. You tend to overthink and make pessimistic conclusions about your life. I don’t blame you, this is common to many, however you should not let all these problems lead your life as they will only drive you into a ditch. Find the different ways on how to avoid stress and negative thoughts , for example reading inspirational books and watching videos that feed your mind with hope.

4. Frequent family disputes

Due to jobs and other engagements, everyone has been busy even in families. Every morning the husband and wife leave for work or either. As a result, interaction time becomes limited to evening and some even weekends. In this season, most families have been left no choice but to stay together for the better part of the day. Due to idleness and boredom, each individual tends to be more keen on their partners more than ever, thus easier to note mistakes here and there. This is where families tend to feel that there is much(negative) they do not know about their partners. Which in the end results in conflicts, mostly catalyzed by stress.

To cope with this, learn to appreciate your partner and understand that they also are in the same situation(stressful one) as you are. And, know that, your partner also notices something about you, but, choose to ignore because they are petty. In fact, this is the season where, even the most petty arguments are escalated, learn to look over them and you will get through this.

5. Fear and uncertainty

This is the most common problem to many. Most people fear of what is to become of them during this season, how they will manage to feed their families with no sources of income, how to handle various situations that they face and many more. There is so much uncertainty in the world now, among people and nations of the world. However, if you get your things right(find what to do) and keep being positive, then you will manage the situation just well. One problem that people have now, is that, they like to spread fear instead of confidence and hope, as a result, many people let fear be part of their lives thus leading to uncertainty and hopelessness.

6. Loneliness

This is the act of feeling that you are all by yourself. When problems strike, you tend to feel that no one else understands your situation and how you feel but you alone. As a result, you resort to keeping everything to yourself. At times, when you face consecutive problems, it is hard to trust that someone somewhere actually understands your pain or is even is going through problems like yours. This season, makes all these worse as it is hard to get to those who can easily help you.

7. Depression

Depression has been a rampant situation to many during this time. As a result of the negative stuff in the world now, many people have fallen into depression. It could be because of lose of job, loved one or even idleness and boredom. If you feel that you could be going into depression, you need to find help ASAP. Find something inspirational that can help you curb with the problem before it gets worse. Talk to those you know can help you, especially close family members.

8. Laziness

It is so hard for someone who has always been busy to adjust to the stay at home rule. And, many, instead of finding various ways to make themselves useful, they become comfortable with the current situation, completely doing nothing sound just being lazy. Waking up, eating, watching movies and sleeping, all these can get you through the day but have got more negative effects on your health, happiness and finances. Think of the above before they actually ruin you.

9. Poor social life

If you are an outgoing person, this season might have had a toll on you. You can chat with your friends on social media, however, it can never give you the same feeling if you were with them face to face. This can frustrate many, but, if you find better ways to utilize your time, you would be much happier at how your day went. Do not be idle, as you will concentrate on the negative more.


Grief and sadness tend to take root in your life when you are surrounded by negative thoughts. However, negative the world is, you need to rekindle the small memories that bring you happiness so that you can overcome the disappointments that the world offers sometimes. Do not give in to the grief that only brings you pain and suffering.


All the above situations are common in the world among people right now. What is most important is not letting them drive you. Find ways that you can overcome all the above and be a better person. Never give in to your pain and suffering, instead, use them as stepping stones and spring to the next level.


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