There are so many bad habits that people often overlook because they seem small. They tend to think that these patterns have got no major impact on their life. Well, something they are forgetting is that a constant repetition of these customs will eventually become major contributors of failure. Doing these habits do not only waste their time, but also blinds their urge to change for the better.

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1. Procrastination

This is actually a disease that many people suffer from. You would find that an individual would postpone a task they would have done today for tomorrow. Yes, they have all the time to do it at that instance but would choose to push it to another day. Utter wastage of time! Why not do it now and do another constructive thing tomorrow.

2. Waking up very late

This rule applies to the people that sleep early. People who know where they are heading do not sleep early and wake up late. Individuals who do this do not know their purpose in life and have no sound strategy on what they want to achieve. If you are obsessed with succeeding, you will start managing your time well.

3. Not learning from mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes in this life, what matters most is learning from them. If you keep making the same faults then it results to wastage of time and loss of money. These are the habits which you do not need especially at the time when you are trying to soar to greater heights.

4. Being in the wrong company of people

One mistake that people often neglect is not taking serious which company of people they roll with. You cannot claim to be working towards success when the kind of people you hang out with are not thinking in the path to success. They only thing that these kind of individuals will do to you is try and drag yo their level. Be with people who motivate you and not those that slow you down.

5. Being lazy and idle

Laziness is one habit that people can get accustomed to very easily because it does not require any energy to be lazy. Lethargy and idleness means you have no plan on how to utilize your time and all you do best is let it go to waste.

6. Living to please others

This how usually most of time and money is lost. You would find an individual struggling as much as possible to live above their means so that people can see that they are living a good life. Such kind of lifestyle and strain could easily lead to depression when the facade is over and you can no longer manage to live the life you wanted people to see.

7. Being impatient with your dreams

Growth is gradual. Whether in dreams, business or job, there are steps. And to top it all, it does not come easy. When you try to hurry and rise to the top, you are bound to fall or quit when it hits you that money does not come cheap. Work on your goal strategically and give it time to expand.

8. Following the crowd

Fearing to be unique has been one of the to dream killer for many. It has costed many their passion and goals at the same time. Many people choose to do what they do just because so and so does the same. If only people followed their hearts and did that which they are comfortable with, they would have achieved a lot.

9. Thinking you got a lot of time

Time is money and many successful people would never tell you they got a lot of time! They are always busy utilizing the little time they got. If you think you have enough time, you will never get up and put something into action because you think the available time will not elapse soon. And by the time you realize the reality, you will have wasted precious amount of hours.


Success is not served on a silver platter. Hence you need to work really hard to achieve it. To do this, you need to start by cutting off the ties of the small bad habits that do not add value to your life. Some of those routines include the ones listed above.



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