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Clear your browser cache is quite a term that many have become accustomed to, and you wonder what it really means. Starting with cache, this is a temporary storage location for commonly used data which help browsers and websites to load faster. For example, when you search something on your browser today and do it again, say after a few days, the results will be much faster than before as the data was already in cache. To stop using the same old data, it is good to clear your browser cache.

At times, you get to hear the statement, “do an hard reload”, all they mean is refresh your browser. An hard reload entails CTRL+F5 which forces a full refresh of the page, hence the browser does not retrieve any data from cache. A simple reload is often done by pressing the F5 key or use CTRL+R.

Clear your browser Cache

The following steps will help you clear your browser cache easily and get everything refreshed again. It could be on Google Chrome, Firefox, and many other browsers out there.

Method 1. Click the three dots on the top right of your browser(Google Chrome)

On your browser at the top right corner, there are three dots placed vertically. Tap on them. Click on more tools, then clear browsing data, or Ctrl+Shift+Del. Just like below;

NB: While using the shortcut provided above, ensure that you check the clear images and files box only so that you do not end up clearing other stuff you did not want to i,e saved passwords, browsing history and many more.

Method 2. Clear Cache on Mozilla

On Mozilla Firefox, you can clear cache by following the guide below; Here, you need to select what you need to be clear lest other things could be cleared too.


Method 3. Clear Cache on Internet Explore

The following are the steps to take when clearing cache from the internet explorer;

Then, check the section below only to avoid clearing important information.

Method 4. Clear Cache on Opera Mini

To clear cache on Opera, tap on the Opera icon on the top left of the browser, tap on more tools, choose cached images and files then proceed to clear browsing data.

Image src. pixabay

Method 5. Clear cache on Microsoft Edge

On the Ms Edge, tap on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner of the browser, click on settings, choose what to clear, the click on the box for cached data and files and proceed to clear.

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