Pursuing your dream means that you are taking on something that you love, that which interests you. Most individuals have been stuck in the wrong thing for a long time and do not want to give it up because that is what surrounds their life and they do not know what they would do without it. Below are some of the signs of doing that which is not your passion;

1.You always feel drained

Well, this is a normal thing for most people, but the always part is not. You cannot feel tired with your job from Monday to Friday unless you are not feeling well. At least once a week is acceptable but the whole week then there has got to be an explanation. In case there is no other explanation then you need to evaluate what you are doing on these days because it seems like it does not suit you at all.

2.You are fond of coming up with explanations for not doing something

Even if you are doing the justification to yourself. You have a tendency of making an excuses on why you were not able to complete a task. Do you on many occasions give invalid reasons for not turning up for work or for not winding up with an assignment?, if so, then it means your body and soul is not in line with what you are doing. If you loved what you do, you would always utilize the little time that you got to complete what is at hand.

3.In most occasions you are struck with the feeling of apathy

The lack of interest in doing something mostly arises when you do not love what you do. If you have a feeling of having your mood changing from good to worse when given a task concerning your work, then you have to consider your options in doing a career change.Check; Ways to stay motivated always.

4.You do not consider your achievements as if they matter

Most people in their careers would definitely be so thrilled when they achieve a goal however small it is. However, to you, even if you happen to hit a jackpot in that career you do not feel that you deserve an applaud for a job well done. In fact, you feel a little bit frustrated when messages of congratulations happens to pile up. You feel its too much.

5.You always feel that you have done a lot but have accomplished very little

When you keep doing what you are not into you always have a feeling of having done a lot but when you look at the results, they are so minimal which keeps you wondering what you have been doing all day.

6.You are never confident about what you do

For someone who knows and loves what they are doing, they are always ready and firm in explaining to other people what they do. For someone who is in the wrong career, they just give a general thing in what they do and are not open for further questions regarding their career. Check; Importance of building your self confidence.

7.You always feel a sense of emptiness

Despite what you do, even if it is one of the most paying jobs in the nation, you always feel a void at work. And you never understand how to fill it. This dissatisfaction arises because you are not doing that which your soul and spirit is in to.

8.You always prefer to do other things other than your job

When you do not feel that your work is of priority and you tend to give priority to things like Facebook and other social media platforms then there is need to recheck your career path.

9.Getting out of bed to work is dreadful for you on most days

It does not matter, even if you slept the recommended time, you still do not want to get out of bed. This problem is never normal if you were doing what you love because you would ensure to sleep early so that you can be up early to go to work. Check; Essential evening habits for you.

10.You always feel that you are sick

Well, who does not get sick of doing something that they do not like. Definitely, I would, due to stress and mild headaches as a result of trying to work on something that I dread. Read on; Health tips you should know.

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