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The look on your Windows lock screen is one of the important aspects that every Windows user should look into. You can actually change the lock screen look on Windows with just toying with a few of the settings in your Windows computer. Some would choose to have very few to no features displaying on their lock screen and other love to see some applications hanging by the lock screen of their PC. Depending on your taste and preference, whatever option you choose is possible.

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Change the Lock Screen Look on Windows

The article below will show you a step by step process on how to have some features displaying on your lock screen and how to ensure that some features do not show.

Change default Wallpaper on Windows Lock Screen

You can change your lock screen wallpaper to the one you desire. It could be one of your favorite images on your picture collection.

Step 1. Open Settings then Personalization

Right click on your windows start button, open settings then click on personalization, just as shown below;


Step 2. Click Lock Screen

On the navigation pane on the left, hit lock screen then proceed to the options on your right. The current wallpaper of your lock screen is displayed at the top part. If you want to change it to a favourite image on your picture selection, choose picture. The options are explained on the image below;

Choose Apps to Display Notification on Lock Screen

You can actually choose which applications will show notifications on your lock screen.

N/B Follow the same procedure as in steps shown above till you reach lock screen section.

Step 1. Choose the Apps to Display on Lock Screen

Once you are on the lock screen section, scroll down on the right section just below the wallpaper settings, then choose the apps you prefer. Just like as shown;

N/B You can also choose none by ticking on all apps then select none. This is found at the top part of the apps you want to choose.

Then once you have chosen the apps, you need to allow the lock screen to display the notifications above.

  • Go to settings
  • Choose system
  • Tap on Notifications and Actions
  • Then tick on show Notifications on lock screen

Enable Cortana Tips

Here, to access Cortana tips, you nee to follow the same process as the ones above. Go to settings, then personalization, then lock screen. On the right side of the lock screen options, scroll down till you find Cortana Lock Screen Settings.

Step 1. Open Cortana Settings

On the talk to Cortana section, turn on, use Cortana even when device is locked as well as let Cortana access calendar, Email, etc (this is advisable only when you are the only user of your PC)


In the end, you will have your lock screen display just as it suits you. The process above is easy, it only takes a few minutes to have your lock screen looking awesome.

If there are any other settings you have applied on your lock screen, please share in the comments section as we won’t mind updating the article.

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