The fact that you can change screenshots location on macOS Big Sur is one of the best realisation considering the tendency of macOS hiding screenshots taken where it is hard to find on your laptop. The tutorial below will provide you with the guidance you need to be able to set a different location for your screenshots. As a result, making your system organised and most files and folders easy to access.

Change Screenshots Location on macOS Big Sur

Below is a step by step process on how you can change screenshots location on macOS Big Sur, follow it to the later;

Step 1. Create Directory

Before you can even create the directory, know first the name of the directory you intend on creating. For our case the directory name will be screenshots under the pictures folder. Hence its path will be ~pictures/screenshots. Hence to create our directory, we need to run the following command;

mkdir -p ~/pictures/screenshots

Once you run the above command, a screenshots directory will be created.

Step 2. Update the Created Directory

In order to update the created directory, below is the standard command used to do so;

defaults write location -string  /path/to/screenshots/directory

For our case, we need to replace the path section with the one that leads us to the screenshots directory, just like as shown below;

defaults write location -string  /pictures/screenshots

When you run the second command, the screenshots directory will be updated on your macOS.

Step 3. Take Screenshot

Once you have created a screenshots folder, you need to take a screenshot so that you can confirm if it will be stored in the screenshots folder. To take a screenshot on macOS, use the shortcuts below;

  • To take a screenshot of the whole screen, use command+shift+3
  • To take a screenshot of a section of the screen, use command+shift+4

Once you have taken, the screenshot, to confirm if it has been saved on the screenshots folder that we created before, you need to change directory to pictures, then screenshots, then list to find out whether the screenshot you just took is there. Check below;

The process is as shown below;

[email protected] ~ % cd pictures
[email protected] pictures % cd screenshots
[email protected] screenshots % ls
Screenshot 2021-06-11 at 01.08.13.png		Screenshot 2021-06-11 at 01.09.49.png		Screenshot 2021-06-11 at 01.16.07.png		change-screenshots-location-on-macOS.png
[email protected] screenshots % 

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