Saturday, May 8, 2021


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The right questions to ask an individual who is sad

Being sad is normal for every individual. There are so many things out there that can trigger sadness. However, most people mess up a...

Recommended Books to help you through any type of Grief

Grief comes in so many ways, could be the loss of a loved one, divorce, break up or loss of a pet among many...

Main habits that could easily ruin your moods

Moods can be managed, and often lies on you to decide. You can either decide to be happy or sad, however, this does not...

Not to do things in your home during the Covid-19 Season...

Before we delve into shading light on the things not to do at home in the lock-down or the quarantine season, you might want...

10 Famous toxic norms that brings about unhappiness

So many people are always in the quest for happiness. However, they fail to realize that the routines and the habits that they involve...

Effects of lack of fun in your life

In my article on the reasons to why fun is important, I was able to burrow more into the benefits that a person can...

6 ways to rid yourself of negative thoughts

Most people are prone to thinking negative about most things in life. A habit of this can easily lead to hopelessness. Negative thoughts have...

5 things not to do when you feel so down

Unhappiness can arise due to discouragements, disappointments, grief, pain among other sad moments. Moods tend to change depending on how you woke up in...

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