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Easily Set up Personal Hotspot on iPhone

Personal Hotspot on your phone can provide the internet access you need on other devices such as your computer. All you require is to...

Top Must Know Linux Keyboard Shortcuts

Migrating from Windows to a Linux operating is usually challenging process. Navigating though the system, terminal sessions can be daunting task to most beginners....

How to Check your OneDrive Storage Capacity

At times on your Windows system you get an alert that your OneDrive space is not enough. Which gets you wondering what is your...

Easily Customize and Extend Windows 10 taskbar

The taskbar is a quite long rectangular bar at the bottom of your computer, that shows recently used apps. You can customize and extend...

Quick steps to local Record a Zoom Meeting

The ability to local record a zoom meeting is just a click away. This feature is available to both free and paid zoom subscribers....

How to Check Wi-Fi Password Easily on Windows 10

It is good to know how to check the Wi-Fi password on your Windows PC. This saves you a lot when someone visits and...

Finding Wi-Fi Hotspot Saved Passwords in Windows 10 from Command Line

Wi-Fi hotspot saved passwords can easily be accesses on Windows 10 especially while using command line. Whenever you log in to any Wi-Fi hotspot,...

View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome | Opera | Microsoft Edge...

On all browsers you get the chance to view saved passwords whenever you forget them. This is because Chrome, Opera and edge have a...

How To Disable Password Authentication in Windows 10 Login

You can always choose to disable password authentication in your Windows computer. It could be you are tired of always inputting a password every...

Easy guide to Pin a Folder to Taskbar on Windows 10

Often, you cannot pin a folder to taskbar on Windows 10. Hence, it becomes so difficult to quickly access the programs you often use....

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