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Recommended Books to help you through any type of Grief

Grief comes in so many ways, could be the loss of a loved one, divorce, break up or loss of a pet among many...

Main problems associated with worry and stress in individuals

As far as worry and stress is normal in any individual's life, too much of it brings about problems and disappointments. It impairs a...

Main habits that could easily ruin your moods

Moods can be managed, and often lies on you to decide. You can either decide to be happy or sad, however, this does not...

Main problems caused as a result of poor planning

Planning is a key value in each individual's daily life. In most cases, you are required to plan on what to do with your...

Common challenges that people face during this Covid-19 season 2020

Life is never that easy for anyone. We all go through challenges at some point in life, however, with national pandemics involved, problems seems...

Top 8 tips to help you worry less

Each individual is bound to worry once in a while. It could be because things are not going as planned, someone close to you...

What most employers should do to help reduce depression at the...

Workplace depression is as a result of so many factors at the work place and they include the following; A job you do not like;...

6 ways to rid yourself of negative thoughts

Most people are prone to thinking negative about most things in life. A habit of this can easily lead to hopelessness. Negative thoughts have...

3 ways to deal with stress and avoid its adverse effects

Stress is a disease that should not be given a chance in our bodies. It comes as a package with all the worst things...

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