Saturday, May 8, 2021


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2020 Word of encouragement to all in the season of Covid-19

I just want to tell all those who feel that the world is caving in on them that you are far much more stronger...

Significant characteristics of confident people

Simple description of what confidence is? Confidence in rather simple terms refers to the belief that an individual has towards who they are, and understands...

Top 10 things to avoid if you need to succeed in...

Every individual can succeed in this life, however, there is just one major problem that is common to those who do not succeed. Yes,...

10 most significant values that an individual should have

As an individual what do you always live by, what gives you motivation on daily basis and what most defines you? There are so...

5 ways that diminishes personal growth and development

In my previous article, I was able to delve into the guides of personal development. Having a peek into it would help answer all...

8 Reasons why having a close company of good people is...

I had never really contemplated on the meaning of show me your friends and I will tell you about yourself until one morning while...

5 ways of overcoming your fears

Often we are so scared of doing something in our lives. Each and every person has experienced this in one way or another. Human...

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