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Top things that defines an individual character

Character is the general way an individual behaves after a series of considerations regarding their daily habits. This is one thing that most people...

Top Business books to read in 2021

In business there is no end to it and that is why everyone who is aspiring to excel in it, needs to be well...

5 Recommended books to help you take control of your life

Taking control of your life happens to be one of the things that an individual can have. The reason being, you get to make...

13 Tips on how to improve yourself

Life is all about having a balance, between you and what goes around. However, sometimes you get so held up in the world that...

Best Romantic novels to read in 2020

Romance is quite an awesome adventure for many, for those who have had to experience it. There are so many things to explore when...

What to do during this 2020 Quarantine & Lock-down season

This season of corona virus has been quite a hit to everybody. Some who were used to going to work on daily basis have...

Top 10 tips to being a smarter person in 2020

There are so many versions of people that are considered to be smart. However, to most people smart to them is being able to...

7 worthwhile habits that can transform your life to the better...

Life is not always easy for most people. Some find it really hard to change their current situations to better ones. There are so...

Tips to help you defeat being stuck in life

Most people have experienced a period in their lifetime where they felt stagnant. There were no achievements realized, and no where to turn to....

5 ways that diminishes personal growth and development

In my previous article, I was able to delve into the guides of personal development. Having a peek into it would help answer all...

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