Saturday, December 5, 2020


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4 rules to grabbing new opportunities

There are so many opportunities that an individual can grab in their lifetime. However, most people would find themselves still hopeless because...

Habits that will make you poor forever

Most people fall in the circle of poverty by choice. They do not accomplish their goals because they were too lazy to...

6 reasons why you do not achieve your goals

We set goals with the aim of achieving them. We all got some wonderful ideas that can change our lives for the...

8 Tips to being your own boss

Most people would think that being their on boss is all about having their own business or rather being self employed. However,...

Opportunities to grasp while in/fresh graduate from university in 2020

In my previous article on why graduates desperately search for jobs, i highlighted on the main reasons why you would find that...

Main reasons graduates desperately search for jobs after college

There are so many opportunities in the world for youths fresh from campus to venture into but very few take this path....

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