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Install Java / OpenJDK on MX Linux 19

Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world. Java initial development dates back to 1995. It has...

Install Visual Studio Code (VSCode) on MX Linux 19

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is an  integrated development environment (IDE) created for developers to make app development easy in any language & for any...

How To Install Brave Browser on MX Linux 19

The Brave is a free to use web browser designed to be fast, private and secure. Brave is a cross-platform software which can be...

How To Install Docker CE on MX Linux 19

Docker is a software solution created to help you create, deploy and run containerized applications. With containers an application can be packaged as a...

Install KDE Desktop Environment on MX Linux 19

KDE is a unique and powerful desktop environment available for MX Linux users. When compared to other Desktops available for MX Linux, it can...

Install Opera Web Browser on MX Linux 19

Opera is free to use web browser created from the Chromium browser code base. Opera is a cross-platform web browser and can be installed on Windows,...

How To Install AnyDesk on MX Linux

In today's guide we will be installing AnyDesk on MX Linux. AnyDesk is a proprietary remote desktop application created by a German's company, AnyDesk...

How To Install Google Chrome on MX Linux 19

Welcome to our guide on how to install Google Chrome on MX Linux 19. In our recent article we discussed about the installation of...

How To Install VMware Tools on MX Linux

In this short article we will look at how you can install VMware Tools on MX Linux. VMware Tools is a set of modules...

Install MX Linux 19.x on VirtualBox | VMware Workstation

The Linux Community is growing day by day. Since the release of first Linux kernel (0.01) on September 17, 1991, there have been a...

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