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Top things that matter most in the life of an individual

How many times do you ask yourself whether you matter in life? Though this is besides the point of discussion, it counts. Most people...

2020 Word of encouragement to all in the season of Covid-19

I just want to tell all those who feel that the world is caving in on them that you are far much more stronger...

What to do during this 2020 Quarantine & Lock-down season

This season of corona virus has been quite a hit to everybody. Some who were used to going to work on daily basis have...

2020 Daily reminders for you

When starting a new year, every individual does what is called self reflection so that they can come up with a plan. A plan...

Significant characteristics of confident people

Simple description of what confidence is? Confidence in rather simple terms refers to the belief that an individual has towards who they are, and understands...

10 most significant values that an individual should have

As an individual what do you always live by, what gives you motivation on daily basis and what most defines you? There are so...

Ways on how to stay motivated always

It is so often that you find yourself feeling demotivated once you want to embark on certain tasks. You find it hard to go...

10 habits that are worth adopting

Have you been yearning to have a certain way of living, where you try and make the best out of yourself. A life with...

Real reasons why you are lazy

Laziness is something so addictive and feels so good doing but will ruin your life. Lethargy renders you inactive in all aspects of your...

Top 10 things you should never be sorry for;

Often people love to say sorry a lot even for something they should not be sorry for. In many occasions, we fret of what...

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