Thursday, May 13, 2021


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Top reasons why friends are important

At times it is quite hard to find a genuine friend and you would find most people complaining about how some of the individuals...

Top tips for a successful day in the market

The market is a fun place to be, however, before you head there, you need to be very careful. Below are some of...

Sending money from M-Pesa on an iPhone to your Bank Account

It can be quite a challenge trying to send money from your M-Pesa to your bank account especially while using an iPhone. Well, it...

8 Tips to getting out of the comfort zone

Most people have embraced the comfort zone and are just there asking themselves why they are stagnating in life. Well, the reason is quite...

Tips to help you feel good about yourself daily

There are good and bad days, but still, you have to make it through the day. It is normal to have a dull day,...

Tips to help you complete your chores early and save time

This article fits anyone who often got chores to do here and there, meaning everyone actually. Mostly, this is what stay at home mums...

Top ways to deal with your weaknesses

A weakness is anything that brings you down from reaching your potential. Take for example, time wastage, laziness and lack of aggressiveness while chasing...

Top important things that most people take for granted in life

Life is good when you know what surrounds you and what you should hold dear. There are times when challenges arise and there are...

Recommended books to guide you in quitting bad habits and adopting...

There are so many bad habits that people struggle with in their daily lives. Most of which they intend on quitting them. It includes...

6 Must read books to help you in your weight loss...

A journey to weight loss is one of the most common hard things that people who intend on shading some of the weight have...

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