Wednesday, June 16, 2021


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8 Tips to getting out of the comfort zone

Most people have embraced the comfort zone and are just there asking themselves why they are stagnating in life. Well, the reason is quite...

Tips to help you feel good about yourself daily

There are good and bad days, but still, you have to make it through the day. It is normal to have a dull day,...

5 Recommended books to help you take control of your life

Taking control of your life happens to be one of the things that an individual can have. The reason being, you get to make...

Top 5 Books for Women who use Prayer as their Daily...

Prayer is one of the best weapons to fight battles that you do not see winning. All you can do is present all these...

Top routines to adopt that help spice up your day

Some days can be boring and depressing, thus requiring a little change of routine to spice it up. Everyone requires a break on their...

13 Tips on how to improve yourself

Life is all about having a balance, between you and what goes around. However, sometimes you get so held up in the world that...

Top ways you can help your partner reach their goal

Once you have a serious partner in your life, you are always haunted with the question of how you can both grow in all...

Top things that makes your house homey

You can have a house and not a home. Usually most people say that the wife is the one that makes a house a...

Must learn lessons during the Covid-19 Pandemic season

A pandemic is something uncalled for, and when it hits, it tends to have so many negative effects. Rendering others jobless, others sick in...

10 Best Christian Movies to watch in 2020

Watching movies is enjoyable and especially when you find one that touches the heart. Not all people love salvation based movies, but to those...

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