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Find Folder Path on File Explorer Windows 10

It is very important to know how to find folder path on file explorer. Many at times when you want to force delete a...

Force Delete a File/Folder with CMD in Windows 10

At times you want to delete stuff on your PC, but you cannot do it. In the piece below you will see how to...

Install MPV from Windows Command Line Interface

How can one install MPV from Windows command line interface, is a question that lingers in many minds. Or perhaps how to install an...

Download and Install TeamViewer on Windows 10

TeamViewer is a software that can get you solve a lot of issues remotely. The good thing is that you can install TeamViewer on...

Connect Windows 10 Bluetooth to Sony wireless headphones

Sony wireless headphones have got quite an awesome reputation when it comes to their functionality. The good thing about the Sony headphones is that...

How To Install TeamViewer on Pop!_OS 20.04|20.10|21.04

You can install TeamViewer on Pop!_OS for personal or business usage majorly providing remote access purposes. The business usage is not free while...

How To Install VLC on Pop!_OS 20.04|20.10|21.04

VLC is among one of the best free and open-source media player. You can install VLC on Pop!_OS, thanks to its compatibility with Windows,...

How to Change your Password on Pop!_OS Linux

You can actually change your password on Pop!_OS using two methods. The first one is while using the terminal and the other is through...

Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Pop!-OS

The purpose of VirtualBox Guest Additions is to enable some very important features in virtual machine. They help get you a full screen of...

Steps To Install Pop!_OS 20.10 on VirtualBox With Screenshots

Pop!_OS is an Ubuntu based Linux distro. As at the time this article is being written, the latest is Pop!_OS 20.10. Pop!_OS runs a...

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