Friday, May 14, 2021


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Top topics that women love to dwell in when they meet...

There is one thing that women are mostly known for, gossip. Well, who does not like interesting stories about things and people? There are...

Top 5 Books for Women who use Prayer as their Daily...

Prayer is one of the best weapons to fight battles that you do not see winning. All you can do is present all these...

Top 10 things that keep a relationship intact

What is that one or two things that have been bothering you in your relationship? What do you feel is lacking? Many at times,...

Top routines to adopt that help spice up your day

Some days can be boring and depressing, thus requiring a little change of routine to spice it up. Everyone requires a break on their...

13 Tips on how to improve yourself

Life is all about having a balance, between you and what goes around. However, sometimes you get so held up in the world that...

Facts about life that everyone needs to know

Everyone is the judge of their life. How they live it, who they interact with, what career they want to do, the people they...

How to deal/cope with challenges in any relationship

There is no union that does not have challenges. You just have to learn how to cope with them and move forward. Actually most...

Ways to keep sane during the Covid-19 Pandemic

When there is a prolonged pandemic in an area, people tend to lose it. They feel that freedom has been deprived from them and...

Top things that makes your house homey

You can have a house and not a home. Usually most people say that the wife is the one that makes a house a...

Best Romantic novels to read in 2020

Romance is quite an awesome adventure for many, for those who have had to experience it. There are so many things to explore when...

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