Tuesday, August 3, 2021


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Main habits that could easily ruin your moods

Moods can be managed, and often lies on you to decide. You can either decide to be happy or sad, however, this does not...

What most employers should do to help reduce depression at the...

Workplace depression is as a result of so many factors at the work place and they include the following; A job you do not like;...

6 ways to rid yourself of negative thoughts

Most people are prone to thinking negative about most things in life. A habit of this can easily lead to hopelessness. Negative thoughts have...

3 ways to deal with stress and avoid its adverse effects

Stress is a disease that should not be given a chance in our bodies. It comes as a package with all the worst things...

5 things not to do when you feel so down

Unhappiness can arise due to discouragements, disappointments, grief, pain among other sad moments. Moods tend to change depending on how you woke up in...

10 health tips that you should know

Health is the most essential factor in our day to day lives. It can either work for our best and also for the worst....

7 Signs that you could be depressed

Depression is one of the most neglected type of sickness in most areas. The fact that much attention is not being paid to it...

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