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Top things you should not do when your partner is unhappy

At times in relationships, it is not all smiley and joy, there are ups and downs. And when this happens, you need to be...

Recommended books to guide you in quitting bad habits and adopting...

There are so many bad habits that people struggle with in their daily lives. Most of which they intend on quitting them. It includes...

Top things that defines an individual character

Character is the general way an individual behaves after a series of considerations regarding their daily habits. This is one thing that most people...

The main causes of insecurity in relationships

There are so many ways that insecurity can chip into the relationship. This is mostly fueled by past experiences in an individual's life....

Common Bad habits that could completely kill your future

There are so many bad habits that people often overlook because they seem small. They tend to think that these patterns have got no...

10 Toxic thoughts to get rid of for a better life

Life has got its ups and downs and you ought to be strong in each season of it. However, if you begin to harbour...

Top 5 Books to help you get your mind off toxic...

An individual's mind is bound to wander and at times one find themselves thinking negatively. This usually happens as a result of the things...

Main habits that show you are a poor time manager

Many people tend to struggle with keeping time. All they do is make excuses of why they did not manage to do this or...

Main problems associated with worry and stress in individuals

As far as worry and stress is normal in any individual's life, too much of it brings about problems and disappointments. It impairs a...

Top ways to overcome your guilt and live a happier life

Most people on daily basis have to battle with the feeling guilt. Maybe as a result of something they did in the past,...

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