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Main problems associated with worry and stress in individuals

As far as worry and stress is normal in any individual's life, too much of it brings about problems and disappointments. It impairs a...

Top ways to overcome your guilt and live a happier life

Most people on daily basis have to battle with the feeling guilt. Maybe as a result of something they did in the past,...

Getting rid of anger issues in your life

Anger is one of the most common emotion that people get to face or rather try and avoid in most occasions. At times, it...

6 ways of dealing with anger issues

Do you have a problem with how you react to situations? Do you overreact to them and you have been trying to fight the...

4 things that will boost you when you are down

Life is never a smooth path to walk on. It has got some sharp edges that can cut, some rocky paths that can easily...

5 things not to do when you feel so down

Unhappiness can arise due to discouragements, disappointments, grief, pain among other sad moments. Moods tend to change depending on how you woke up in...

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