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Just as have stated in most of my articles, there is no perfect relationship. There are hurdles here and there, but besides that, you still need to keep the romance going. No matter the issues you face, you can come out of it strong. It entirely depends on your perspective towards the situations, be positive about it and you will see that they are there to strengthen you. This is besides today’s topic, but it serves as good advice to many. So, for the tips, if you really want to make your partner feel loved, stick to the following;

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1. Be polite to your partner

Being polite to someone is not hard, so it really is hard to comprehend why many people decide to be rude, not only in relationships but also in life outside the love triangle. When you become kind, you lower the chances of another individual being rude to you. And as a result, you give them the assurance they need, to know that they are safe with you. Having nothing to worry about because, you are not there to break their emotions but rather build them. Being rude to someone destroys their morale, it bruises their confidence and thus instilling fear and lack of self confidence. Which make up the things no one would want their loved one experiencing.

2. Show through actions that you value them

Many people only rely on words to express how much they value their partner. They do not focus on what they need to do to ensure they put across their message well. No one loves people who just talk and never actions. Why? Because it portrays a lot of lies and disrespect. If all you do is just void talks with no actions, then your relationship is doomed, as your partner will leave you in no time. Show them how much they are valued even in the simplest ways possible. Most people actually love this unlike those who just make empty promises.

3. Be there for them during hard times

This is actually one of the most important tip to actually make someone feel loved. Take for example during sickness, take care of them as you would want them to take care of you. Whenever, they are down financially, boost them, do not attack them in away they feel lesser, but learn to motivate them each day. Give them a sense of hope ahead. Through this, they will know that you got them at heart and will never think otherwise. They will always know that they have someone who got their back at all times.

4. Love their family

Family is important to everyone. And when you choose to love someone, know that he/she comes as a package. Do not talk ill about their family nor disrespect them and he/she will also uphold your family. If you show any type of hate to their family, it is a sign that you do not fully love that person. Depending on the family that you find, you will know how to handle the situation. This is because at times, things do not work out as you envisioned.

5. Support their dreams

Your partner’s goals and dreams matter as much as yours do. So if you really want to get them feeling loved, help them grow. Advise them on the key areas they need to look into so that they can realize their ambitions. Do not just sit around, watching them fall behind and yet you claim to love them. Well, that is not love but rather the opposite. For someone you claim to love, you will always want them to soar to greater heights and not bottoms. Support their dreams and you will see your love blossom.

6. Listen to their opinions

Participation in relationships is important, it helps promote transparency and upholds mutual interests. There is nothing better than making decisions together in a relationship. You are able to make much reasonable and sound decisions. Aside this, it helps show that they matter to you and are very important in the union. Including them is such stuff, shows them that they possibly have a future with you and a great one for that matter. It is quite a blessing to find someone who does not only think of themselves but accommodates all parties involved.

7. Be loyal and faithful to them

Cheating causes chaos and disagreements in the relationship. And there is no excuse for it at all. Being faithful to your partner speaks a lot. It shows that you love them, cherish them care for them and many more. Which actually gives them the peace to continue being with you and longing for better times ahead. But when disloyalty chips in, it shatters someone’s emotions, lowers their self esteem, increases stress and all the bad things you can think about. This is because, it keeps them thinking of why it happened to them which eventually leads to weird and sad conclusions.

8. Be real with them

Honesty is key, it strengthens and builds relationships. This gets your partner believing in you. If you want to make them feel loved, learn not pretend nor lie to them, be real. Tell them how you feel about certain things, what interests are you into and where you see yourself with them. This helps to strengthen the relationship bond and also aids in getting to know more about each other. If someone is not real with you, just know that the person does not see a future with you.

9. Love them unconditionally

Loving someone unconditionally means with no expectations. However, for most relationships, some love others because they will get something in return. It does not have to be that way, when you find someone worth your love, do not hesitate to spoil them with the love they deserve. Do not love them partially making them thirst for more love elsewhere. Most people can really feel whether it is unconditional love or not.

10. Do not keep secrets from them

A secret is the number one breaker of many relationship. When someone is keeping a secret from another individual, things tend to get awkward because they do not feel free. They are rather bound by the secret they are withholding. As a result, when their better half realizes that they are keeping something from them, they are bound to guess what it could be. These guesses or rather conclusions are not usually steered on the positive but negative, which in turn results in wrangles. So, being open to your partner not only makes them feel loved but also puts their mind at peace.


It is not complicated to make your partner feel loved, you just have to do that which is right by them. The things that you would want them do for you. Be careful not to rely only on talks thinking that it is the best way to show that you love them. Coat them with actions and you will see your partner much happier just having you around.


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