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An Email client is a program that allows a user to access their sent mails without necessarily having an internet connection. It enables an individual to manage, send and even receive mails just like a web mail would do. The difference is that, your mails get backed up onto your computer while for a web mail instance, the mails are stored in a server. With email client, to access your mails, you have to get the program configured in your computer.

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Best Free Email Client Apps for Windows

Well, it would be awesome to know the best free email client apps available for your Windows system, so that in case you would want to use one, you would know which ones to have. Below is a list of some of the free email clients for you;

1. Em Client

Em Client has been designed to be used in both Windows and macOS. This program organizes your contacts, comes with calendar to help manage your tasks, notes and even chats helping you stay in contact with your friends and family. It is very easy to use since its interface is very clean and quite cheap to understand.

Features of Em Client

  • With Em Client searching for mails and even PDFs is very fast
  • Comes with a handy sidebar, making it easy to operate
  • Email translation is instant
  • With message encryption, privacy is guaranteed
  • You can snooze incoming emails

2. Outlook

Setting up this email client is easy. And once the set up is done, you can add your other email accounts. Outlook entails both email and calendar. It makes things so much easier for everyone. You can be able to get organized by utilizing the calendar that it comes with. This email client is especially designed for most businesses and enterprises. You can really get organized as it comes with a to-do list, which is very awesome acting as a reminder to you.

Features of Outlook

  • It has dark mode
  • You can set up and insert email signature on your mails
  • Having the emails, contacts, files and calendar in one place makes it much more manageable
  • It comes with a focused inbox, keeping your most important messages at the top

3. Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird makes the email experience much better for you. It offers speed and privacy to its users at all times, and moreover utilizes the latest technologies. What is no to like from the above description? This application focuses on the things that matters and puts aside complexity. With the themes and extensions, as the user, you have the ability to make thunderbird customized to your liking. This program is loaded with very awesome features that will make your experience worth it. Its features are highlighted below;

Features of Thunderbird

  • Can easily be customized as it has themes and extensions
  • It is secure and private
  • You can actually load emails in separate tabs
  • With calendar you can organize your life
  • This is an open source project

4. Spike

In spike, the emails are in a chat like format. This program has been built for Windows, Mac OS, android and web usage. This email application maximizes your productivity at all costs. You can easily manage your tasks by sending calendars, setting reminders and even managing team projects all from your inbox. With spike, you can manage multiple email accounts hence the ability to deal with a ton of mails at ago. This email client comes with a secure email data encryption.

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