So many people usually ask themselves why their lives seems miserable yet they feel that they are doing everything possible to make their lives better. Well, let me ask you something, are you lazy, what type of goals do you set, how is your sleeping pattern, how is your social life, who do you interact with, what time do you wake up, are you following your passion, do you love your job and do you have a positive mindset.

Well, do not answer that now, just wait until I help you crack the nut and make you realize how you yourself have been deteriorating your life bit by bit. However, before we delve into that, there is one among many articles that could suit you if you want to change your life for the better; Effective ways to achieve a life of simple contentment.

Below are the reasons hat will show you how you have been digging your life pit;

1.Giving up easily

How many projects have you lost hope on, just when you are almost completing it, a challenge comes up and you surrender. When you surrender, you accept failure and shut your capabilities. You give room for doubts and inadequacy which renders you a loser.

Life is not handled that way, any successful individual would tell you the same, how they were on the verge of giving up but they did not, because they knew that they had to make it work. If you need something to work, then put in a lot of effort and never choose the option of giving up.

When you are about to give up, think of the long way you have come, ask yourself whether you are ready to throw that away, and if this does not change your mindset, then you will keep digging your own pit.

Challenges are not there to harm your work, choose a more positive angle of viewing challenges, take them as stepping or spring stones that will strengthen your experience and potential and to make you emerge more stronger than before.

If you have been a victim of giving up, then there is no need for you asking why your life is miserable. Giving up is the catalyst of misery.

2.Complain about everything and anything

Are you one of those people who wake up in the morning and start loathing about why there is a sunrise instead of enjoying the feeling, do you complain on daily basis about the traffic jam and you do not do anything to help curb, do you complain about how your work desk is close to the wall?, among many more. This habit, embraces negativity throughout your day and you will not do anything productive because of the mindset that you cultivated since you woke up.

When you complain about people, say family members then you no longer get to spend quality time with them. Just like anything else you complain about, they start to lose value making your life uninteresting. It makes it so easy to give up because you start to lose interest in everything that you do, just because your outlook has changed and you have begun to embrace more of negative than positive. As a result, when small challenges arise that which you even have the capability to solve, they become a scapegoat for not doing something. This shows that your potential, purpose and bounce rate from problems have been paralyzed.

When you quit complaining, you begin to show more gratitude and see more good in working to better your life. However, you make your life more miserable and dissatisfied when you keep grumbling.

3.Stop educating yourself by not reading

Are you a victim of feeling that books are boring?, do you not see any importance of reading and acquiring more knowledge?, if so, then your life is definitely headed on the wrong path.

Statistics show that successful people have got a library of books in their homesteads, they never tire acquiring knowledge, in fact, they thirst for it. Am not saying that you need to buy 101 books at a go, start with small journals and develop your reading routine gradually.

For personal development to occur, you need to feed your mind with positive things and endless knowledge so that you can acquire the skills to deal with some stumbling blocks in life.

Being reluctant to acquire the necessary knowledge, keeps you in the comfort zone, and since times change fast enough and that comfort zone will soon be ground zone.

4.Isolate yourself from people

Are you are people’s person or you like being a loner. Life is all about learning from others and allowing others to help you when you are stuck somewhere. With loneliness, all these privileges are cut off. It means that you are on your own.

It is very easy for an isolated person to go into depression. The reason for this is, in the case of a work related problem arising, they lack somebody to seek advice from nor share their life issues with. As a result of this, stress levels can escalate.

It becomes also quite hard to achieve some goals when you are a loner. The statement, two heads are better than one, applies to this. You can solve better and more problems with teamwork than an individual can. With all the negative impacts that comes with not associating with other people, it is better to lose this habit than descend to misery.

5.Allow fear to take over you

You could be well equipped with knowledge in where you want to be in the coming years, what you want to achieve and how to handle various issues in your journey to success, but fear is always holding you back from pursuing your goals.

Allowing fear to paralyze your plans deteriorates your life in general, because, you will never take a bold step to do something about reaching your goals due to fear of failure among others. You will also become a victim of procrastination, you will always push any plans of working on your goals and live by the phrase there is always a next time. Fear also puts you in the state of “you are waiting for the right time” to implement your goals. There is never a wrong time, fear talks of the right time, when it actually is advisable to always implement your goals as soon as possible.

After not implementing any goals, your mind reaches and dwells in the comfort zone and no longer thinks ahead. This plummets any expected growth leading to life of misery.

6.Setting goals that are not SMART

Each individual should always be vigilant when it comes to setting goals. However, when you set goals that are delayed, vague, and immaterial, you lose the chance in making it in life. These goals do not give you any sense of direction, they make you more confused and neither do they instill the urge to put more effort in them.

SMART goals, S-specific, M-measurable, A-attainable, R-realistic, T-time specific, gives you the opportunity to explore your capabilities and the hope in getting things done. With a sense of direction, determination and effort, you an create the life that you have always hoped for.

However with goals that are not achievable, you will keep criticizing yourself for failing. As a result, this ruins your career and in the end it will put you into misery.

7.Find a job that you loathe

Many individuals nowadays settle for jobs that they hate each passing day. It could be paying well but you will never get contented with it. This type of job hinders you from pursuing that which you want. And when you are on the wrong path of your career you will never be able to explore your potential.

Each day will always turn out like a painful experience and due to ignorance, you will always be advocating for a better pay thinking that the dissatisfaction is caused by the less pay you are getting. Even compliments for you do not seem like compliments anymore, you will just feel like someone is mocking you.

A job that you hate is a form of wasting precious time. And by the time you realize it, it will be too late to reconfigure your path.

8.Creating uneven sleeping models

Sleep is important for every human being so as to ensure good health and productivity. Poor sleeping patterns plummets your productivity due to poor concentration and reduces the ability to learn easily.

Inadequate sleep also can lead to hazardous health problems like, heart diseases, stroke and diabetes. Due to health deterioration and poor productivity, the outcome is not always appealing, from job loss to being bed ridden among many other negative impacts.

9.Eat and drink continuously without engaging in any exercises

This can led to uncontrollable body growth which might not give you the physical appearance that you hoped for. This directly affects how you also feel mentally. Negative emotions in your mind does not do too good in bringing about a good life but the vice versa.

10.Get into gambling

Gambling is an uncertain risk that people opt to do when they do not want to work for something with the hope of hitting the jackpot. Gambling is a very addictive game that have rendered some financially unstable for using all their finances in betting.

Getting into gambling drains your energy and wastes your time. It also causes depression as a result of consecutive failures. The unfortunate thing is that people get addicted to this to the point that they do not realize that they are losing so much. Gambling becomes their life to the point they forget to eat, take a bath, do laundry or organize the house in general. What is more miserable than living the above kind of life.

11.Never aspire to declutter your life

Leave everything in a mess, no doing dishes, laundry, cleaning the house nor taking baths. Some people have this kind of life due to spending too much time in the television and phones in social platforms. Watching Netflix movies and browsing through the social media takes up a lot of time. You do not find the opportunity to organize your life as expected.

Leaving everything in a mess increases the stress levels as well as lowering your determination in becoming productive. Thus, as a result, you start dwelling in this comfort zone.

Most miserable people would find themselves doing this the whole day. They never engage in anything constructive or make an attempt to better their lives.

12.Abuse and misuse drugs

Misuse of drugs is also another way that one can make their life miserable. Drugs can make you lose focus and purpose. You become a selfless individual that does not care about how their lives turns out, they just want to live in the moment.

Drugs also promotes lack of vision and leads you to dissatisfaction and with no effort to better your life. Unlike the myth that most of those who abuse it say, it helps raise moods.

However, those who do not abuse drugs have a vision, mission and objective. They always aspire to change their lives to the better.

13.Never watch nor listen to any inspirational talks and videos

In life, there are ups and downs, and at any moment each individual needs a boost when they are feeling down. That boost can be found in motivational and inspirational videos, books and talks. When you do not have time to look into or rather explore these types of materials, it becomes a sign that you never want to bounce back from the situation.

Take for example an individual who is grieving but do not want to be comforted, it will take them more time to overcome the grief that is if they come out of it, unlike an individual who agreed to be comforted.

When you listen to inspirations, you are able to acquire the energy you needed to keep forging ahead even it things are not going well. You can easily be miserable if yo allow pain and defeat to overwhelm you.


If you have been living by the above principles and wondering why your life is miserable, then I bet you now know why. For your life to change to the better, try not doing the above things.

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