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Mpost registration is all about converting your mobile number into a virtual postal address. This will ensure that all your mails are sent to your Mpost address(which is your phone number). To make it much better, when there is a mail for you, you will be contacted by the agents at the post office to go pick your post. Hence, you do not keep going over to the post office to check if there is a dispatch for you like with a physical post office address. Furthermore, you just pay a total of 300 Shillings per year, thus very affordable for many Kenyans.

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You can just place the address or rather the postal code as the place you can easily access, as long as there is a post office in the selected location.

Register for Mpost

The registration process is easy, you just need to follow the steps below and you are good to go;

Step 1. Dial *890*90# or *234*1*9#

Go to your phone keypad and dial the above, so as to access more options to help you in the Mpost registration process. Just as shown;

Step 2. Choose the Register Option

When you dial *890*90#, you will be met with a variety of options. Ensure that you choose the first choice, that is register. If you do not see this option, there is a high chance that you got an Mpost account. Just as shown below;

Step 3. Enter your ID number or Passport number

Most people prefer to enter their National Identification card Number (ID), because in most occasions that is what they have. Just ensure that you enter the correct ID number. Just as shown;

Step 4. Enter your Preferred Postal Code

It is indicated preferred because you are the one to choose which code to enter. Just ensure that the postal code you enter is for a location near to you. For example if you are in Nairobi, living around Westlands, your postal code would preferably be the one for Sarit Centre (00606). This is the place you can easily access incase you are notified that there is a mail for you.

Step 5. Pay the required amount

The Postal Corporation of Kenya charges Ksh.300 annually for you to access Mpost services. So during the registration process, you need to actually pay the charges as stated below and ensure that you renew them annually.


As illustrated above, Mpost registration is a very easy process for anyone. You just follow the guidelines above and you will be an Mpost member. The good thing about this is, whenever you relocate, you can change the postal code to any of your preferred locations.

We hope this article was helpful and please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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