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A contributor user is an individual who has access to your WordPress website but with limited permissions. Maybe you want someone who can write content in your website with the ability to delete, edit, read and upload files on their own content but not with the capability of publishing it. This is often good when someone is new and you want to review their content before it is published for the public.

Step 1. Go to your WordPress site and Install User Role Editor Plugin

In your WordPress site head over to plugins, then click on add new, then search for user role editor Plugin. This plugin will help you limit the roles of the contributor you intend on adding. Just like as shown;

Then, install the plugin and activate it so that you can use it further. Below is the plugin to use.

Step 2. On your WordPress site, click on users then add users

Here you need to create an account for the contributor as follows. Ensure that you fill in all the fields shown. Once you are done click on Add New User.

Then, hit on Add New User. However, before you do this, ensure that you choose contributor on the role section. Just like as shown;

Step 3. Click on Capabilities on the Users section

Once you have added a new user, a user account for the individual will be created under the Users section. Go to this section, then to the new user account and click on capabilities, just as shown below;

Step 4. Choose their Capabilities

The common capabilities of a contributor on a wordpress website include, deleting their post, editing it, reading it and finally, you can give them the rights of uploading files on it by ticking on upload files. They are as shown below;

Once you are done with allocating all the capabilities, hit on update. And this marks the end of adding contributor user on WordPress with limited permissions.


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