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With the assistance of a third party utility, you can actually add multi-tab functionality on File Explorer, previously known as the Windows Explorer. Just like on your browser, where you can have multiple tabs opened accessing different stuff at ago, it is now possible to do so in the File explorer. This is where you can open more than one application using multiple tabs. Wouldn’t this be an awesome feature? Then, you wouldn’t have to close one feature to access another.

There are so many third party utilities which you can use to make the multi-tab functionality work on File Explore. However, many of these are not free, you have to pay a small amount per a certain amount of time to access such kind of privilege. In this article, let’s look at how you can use another utility that is free to add multi-tab functionality on File Explorer.

Add multi-tab functionality on File Explorer

Now, let’s delve into the process of enabling the multi-tab functionality on File Explorer using QTTabBar. QTTabBar is actually a Windows Explorer extension that enables the multi-tab feature. Leaving your Explorer like any other browser.

Step 1. Download and Install QTTabBar

With the help of QTTabBar, you can achieve to open so many tabs on File Explorer. Since it is a free download you can get it on your PC in no time. Ensure that you extract the zip file for easy download.

Step 2. Open File Explorer

Once you have successfuly installed QTTabBar, it will automatically deposit itself on your File Explorer just as shown;

From the options that you click on, choose what option you want to enable. Below are the options that are displayed;

Step 3. Enable QTTabBar

This actually where you see the magic in this utility. You will see the multi-tab functionality on File Explorer. This is shown below;

There are so many options available on the QTTabBar utility, that will get you excited having customized your File Explorer. Just ensure that you have checked each and every one of them, then you can decide which one to enable and which one not to.

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