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Once I realized that you can access Apple music on Windows, it was quite a relieve. It is quite an easy thing to do, you just have to know how to install iTunes on Windows. This media player is the one that will help you coordinate Apple music playlist on your Windows system.

Many quite go through the challenge of not being able to play Apple music playlists on Windows, thinking that it is impossible to do that. Well, below is a breakthrough for you. Usually you think that since you got an iPhone and you have a Windows PC, there is no way you an access your Apple music on your iPhone, well, now you can. With the help of this piece, you will be able to listen to your iPhone music playlists.

Access Apple Music on Windows using iTunes

Below are the steps that will ensure you access Apple music on Windows in no time.

Step 1. Download and Install iTunes on your Windows system

All the steps regarding this is available on how to install latest iTunes on Windows. Follow the guide above to the end and iTunes will be installed on your system.

Step 2. Open your iTunes App on Windows PC & tap on Account

Once you have launched the app, on your Windows system, open it so that you can navigate its usage and get it connected to your iPhone.

Step 3. Sign in

Once you tap on Account as shown on the step above, you will see an option to sign in, tap on it and use your Apple email and password to sign in to iTunes. You will be met with a window, like as shown below;

Step 4. Authorize your computer

For your computer to see what is on your iPhone’s playlist, you need to authorize it. To do this, on iTunes app, tap on Account then authorizations. Then click on authorize this computer. A code will sent to your phone, which you will need to input to your computer so as to verify it is you.

Step 5. Play the Music

After the sign in and authorization, you can now access Apple music on Windows, that is you can be able to see playlists on your iPhone from the Windows machine then, you can choose what to do with it.

Wrap Up

Once you are done with all the above steps, you now get to access your Apple music on Windows using iTunes. iTunes really come in handy with it comes to things like this. The good thing is that on Apple support you can get any version of iTunes you want, it is just that this article was basically for Windows systems. Otherwise, there are a variety such as for MacOS, OS X etc.

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