I had never really contemplated on the meaning of show me your friends and I will tell you about yourself until one morning while I was doing my morning strolls in school when I met some individuals at the school park who stopped me and requested me for a cigar. I was shocked since I have never smoked, on informing them that I did not have one, they said they thought I had one since am used to spending time with an individual who is known to smoke.

In most cases, the people that you spend time with will eventually influence who you are. However, the impact could be positive or negative depending on those you hang out with. This the reason why it is essential to choose your friends/group wisely. A thorough analysis is necessary for those you spend a lot of time with, do they make you happy at any given time, do they value you, do they bring out your best character, do they make you more productive in your work and do they bring about creativity in you because some individuals make you dormant to the point that you lose focus. The answers to the above questions should all be a yes and if not then you need to re-evaluate your company.

Be in a company of people that understand your focus and goals and those that encourage you towards achieving them. As it may be hard to believe but some of our friends are not as loyal and supportive as we think, they will just act happy for you when you are around however, the moment you are far from them, they talk bad about you. The good thing is that once you shun them, you will realize that you will even be more productive than before.

Below are the various reasons why being in a good company is key.

1. You will easily realize your goals

Good friends or rather a good company of people will always support you in your goals. Whatever direction you decide to take in your career they will always back you up and ensure you are not taking the failing path. Your friends should be able to feel that they play a role in your life by ensuring that you never deviate from your goals, they should be able to check on your progress and be very happy for the achievements that you make. That is when you know that you have got very genuine friends but if they do not do any of the above then you are better off alone.

2. You will easily overcome challenges

Friends understand you and they ought to know what you are going through. Great friends not only comprehend your situation but also help you through any bad situation in your life. It is so great when you have a shoulder to cry on when you feel so down, someone you know would not make a joke of your situation. Friends are able to lend you a hand in your time of need.

4. Negativity will no longer be part of you

As opposed to being a loner, a good company of friends help you to look at life in a different perspective. They bring out the best of life, they make you laugh, they love you, help you in your trying times, lend you a hand when you need it and they motivate you to achieve your goals. All the above comes as a package when you got great friends. Things like depression and all other negative thoughts will be far from your life because you got great people by your side. These individuals help to even brighten your darkest days.

5. A good company help to improve your personality

Friends or rather your company plays a great deal in influencing your thinking, how you feel and even how you behave. Great friends help in promoting a positive thinking in you and once that is done, it in turn affects how you feel. A positive thinker in most cases feel great about themselves and others which then contributes to how an individual behaves. If you are positive and feel great about yourself and others you can easily treat everyone else equally and bring happiness to others and yourself and you will also be determined to achieve greatness in your life. It is essential to have great people in your circle as personality is not to be taken lightly since it affects most aspects in our lives. Great friends should be able to bring out the best character in us and not the worst.

6. You get to experience great love and care

Great friends love you for who you are and they care for you . It is so priceless being able to experience great love from those that are close to you. From this, you will be able to realize that you have got a purpose in life since there are people who care for you and see that you matter in every aspect of their life. The moment you are able to experience love and care then you an easily spread that love to those who love you and other people.

7. You get to experience life as it is

With great friends around you, they give you honest opinions about life and other things. You do not need friends who trap you in a fantasy, you need people who will help you face a situation head on as it is. Approaching something in this manner helps you to be bold and strong when it comes to handling any situation. Life is not about fantasy, and as much as we do not want to think about how life is unfair and full of bad experiences, it is. Good friends help you to familiarize with what the world has to offer and be able tackle any situation for what is not based on some theories.

8. Friends promote our thinking by challenging us

A great group of friends help us to be creative and more thoughtful because they help to challenge how our minds work. Each and every individual has got an opinion about a certain thing, in the process of everyone proving that their idea is the most suitable we get to learn from others as well as be more creative on how we bring out our opinions. Great friends are very involving in every situation thus promoting individual growth.


A good company of people help us to live the life that we have always aspired for. These people make our live involving and all rounded as far as life aspects are concerned. They promote oneness bonded by love and care. There is nothing as good as being surrounded by diverse individuals who we share the same goals and aspirations in life. In case you are wondering whether you are in a good company then evaluate what you have gained from those people you call your friends, have they by any chance contributed positively in your life. However, do not just consider your friends, you should also evaluate yourself, what value have you added to your friends. Ask yourself if you are a good or a bad friend, if not there is still time to change this.

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