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For any sane individual, it reaches a point in time where you decide enough is enough for the things that do not add value to your life. There are those practices that not only drain your energy but also your time, and at the end of it, they do not benefit you at all. They include the following;

1.Too much time in the social media

Have you ever found yourself being in the social media the whole day until you feel that your head is starting to hurt, feels so heavy and fatigued. Well, there you have it, you have already drained all your energy doing something that is not constructive instead of setting your priorities and managing your time well. Read on; Ways to manage your time well.

2.Getting worked up over petty things

Are you that individual who has an habit of taking everything personally? Does any comment made feels like it was directed to you? Usually when this happens to an individual, they try and make a negative meaning out of any comment raised even if it were not the case. You need to quit this because you are misusing your energy. Use this energy to learn positivity.

3.Clinging on to the past

Do you have a problem of finding it hard to let go of past negative experiences? This means that you always have a tendency of remembering all the records of the bad things that someone did to you in the past. With this, you will be blinded by negativity to the point that you do not have a chance for the positive stuff. You are shielding yourself from experiencing the goodness that exists.

4.Going to bed late

With this act, you will be eating into tomorrows energy and by the time you wake up the next morning, you won’t be having sufficient energy to get through the day. Everyone needs a rest, there is a point where the body can’t take it anymore. Or if you sleep late, try and compensate for that time in the morning. Learn to rejuvenate your body with adequate sleep.

5.Poor nutrition/unbalanced diet

Food is a very essential factor that provides you with the required energy to work. When you do not get the recommended diet, you cannot be as productive as you would have been if you did before. Aside productivity, you get a strong immune system and generally a healthy body. If you get sick, you can’t work, so you better eat what is good for your body. Relevant; Health tips you should know.

6.Rampant whining

Complaints arise when you concentrate much on the negative side. As a matter of fact, these complaints will never benefit you in any way. You need to concentrate more on your strengths and embrace your weaknesses so that you can find ways to improve on your weakest points.


This renders you vulnerable to negative things that others say about you and to making bad decisions. Overthinking can cause you not to implement a wonderful idea just because you allowed your thoughts to cloud your judgement.

8.Attempting to appeal others

Pleasing other people won’t do you any good. It is like chasing other people’s dreams and leaving yours unattended. Learn to follow your passion and ignore what people say about you. Trying to entice others actually does more harm than good. It depletes your self esteem, strains your pockets and causes you general stress.


People need to learn to focus on the things that improve them generally. Not those that gives them stress and unrest. There is nothing as important as living a life that is satisfying and not depressing.


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