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Depression is one of the most neglected type of sickness in most areas. The fact that much attention is not being paid to it does not mean that people do not suffer from it. Most research reveal that a large span of individuals have got depression and are struggling to overcome it and even others try to live with it. Most people often confuse grieve with depression. Grieve is mostly a seasonal emotion that just dwells in the moment of a loss and at times you tend to think of the positive things about the person you lost however depression is all about negativity, you never drift to think of something positive about any situation. Depression renders you lost, find displeasure in the things you once loved, feel unlucky in most situation and even makes you lose hope in your future and your goals. When this disorder hits you, you feel so down and lose a sense of direction in your life, you start living the life of negativity and with time you become so comfortable with this situation. Since you have lost all hope for the future all your thoughts tend to shift on the diverse ways in which you can destroy your life.

This disorder needs not be taken so lightly because it is the root cause a persons downfall. Marriages fail, children drop out of school, suicide cases rise, careers fail, goals are not achieved, misuse and drug abuse skyrocket all because of depression.

Below are some of the signs that could indicate that you are depressed. However, do not just look out for yourself but include the people you are close with be it family member, colleague at work, friend or anyone you interact with. The earlier they seek treatment the more we save our generations and bring light where darkness prevails.

1.Feeling worthless or rather of no value

If at times you look at yourself and feel valueless life then you need to see someone about it. At any point in time, when you do a soul searching of your life you gotta feel valued and that you deserve everything good in this life, you need something that will push you to greater heights in order to achieve more. In case, one has got no feeling of moving on because they feel that they are not worthy in this life then that could be a sign of depression especially if this feeling persists and one has got no urge in tying to redeem themselves then you need to talk to an individual you know they can help about your situation.

2. Often feeling sad/ grumpy

Any individual could feel sad at any point in time. However, if your mood is always somber in that there is no point in time that you feel happy, or having your mind light up then you gotta think back. If you find that you get mad for no apparent reason or something petty can get you breathing fire then definitely that is something that should be looked into. Depression tend to bring about sadness because of the negativity that an individual has got about life. The bad mood that is accompanied in the case of depression is uncontrollable, you tend to feel sad all the time even when you are not supposed to be. You often get a feeling of dissatisfaction about everything in life which triggers the unhappy mood.

3.Finding it hard to think, make choices and even concentrate

A depressed individual is so clouded with negativity to the point that they cannot even think or concentrate on something constructive. Unlike any other person who can come up with an idea on how to make their lives better, someone who is depressed encounters difficulty in coming with some ideas and even find it harder to make decisions on what to do with their lives or other things. If a feeling of weakness to think and concentrate covers your mind often, especially, if before you had no problem with your concentration or making choices then suddenly you start having difficulty in this sectors then there has got to be an explanation for it. However this issue alone is not enough to say you are depressed you gotta have other characteristics.

4.Displeasure in the things you loved.

There are those things that an individual in their lifetime loves to do be it playing football, hockey, reading books, writing, art/ drawing mostly termed as hobbies. Once you find that you no longer do what usually interests and you find that those things do not seem interesting to you anymore then that could be a sign of depression. Depression tend to deprive you from the things you loved so that you can find time be more sad, complain and think negatively. If the time you used to utilize doing more constructive stuff is now occupied by somber mood, being lazy and negative thoughts then this is far from normal.

5.Overwhelmed by laziness

Being lazy is normally an individuals choice however when you start becoming fatigued and lose energy without the ability to control it then there need for an intervention. Depressed individuals find it hard to get out of bed in the morning or in a couch, they become so comfortable in this state even for days all they can do is get up and go to the bathroom, eat and take a glass of water. This is because they lost hope in life and they cannot find anything constructive to indulge in for the betterment of their lives, all they want to do is snuggle in bed all day and wait for their downfall. Depression renders individuals helpless and very guilty for the lives that they are living. At the end of the day after they waste their time all day, they blame themselves for what they did not do at the course of the day, however, the next day, the trend does not change because it becomes something they can’t help doing. They become tired to do something constructive even before they start doing it. Check also, how to overcome laziness.

6.Difficulty sleeping and sleeping too much

A depressed individual will find it hard to sleep because their mind is not at peace, the feeling of dissatisfaction, unworthiness, guilt and blame fills up their minds. All these negative thoughts tend to deprive them sleep because they try to find ways to torment themselves regarding how life is full of negativity. Persons with this disorder also sleep too much because all these negativity tends to drain their energy and as well, they find no purpose to get up because they do not know what to do at the course of the day. Since sleep takes up part of the day they will sought to doing just that.

7. Thoughts of suicide and death

In most cases, a depressed person usually feels lost, have no sense to live and unworthy. All these thoughts brings about negativity and thus they always plot ways to destroy their lives because they find no meaning in them. A depressed individual tries on most occasions to seek a easy way out of their situations and that’s when suicide clicks in their thoughts. If you often think of committing suicide because your life has not been smooth or because of other reasons then please seek help before it is too late.


Depression is a disorder that should be termed as tragic, individuals who often have the above signs should seek help from experienced individuals before it is too late. A lot of causes such as lose of a job, loss of a loved one, divorce, lack of finances among other things can lead to depression.

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