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After considering some of the opportunities that one can venture into in my previous article, I realized that passion in most cases is required in order to realise your success. However before we engage in ways to finding your passion let’s first understand what passion is;

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This is a joyous sense of satisfaction that one experiences towards something or an individual. If you love singing, then you never get bored or tired doing it, there is always a driving force that urges you to sing. Once you do this, you always feel contented about it.

The following points are what to consider in the process of realizing your passion;

1.Pay attention to your inner being

Your passion in most occasions lies in your hearts, you just gotta listen to it. Most people usually search for passion in all the wrong places without realizing that it comes from within. There is that thing say, writing, when you do, you feel happy and contented about what you have achieved. This is one of the things you need to evaluate if you want to realize your passion. Jot down those things that get your heart racing with joy.

2.What is it that you can do without looking at your watch

As an individual, there is always something that you love doing without having to worry about the time. It just flows to the point that time catches up with you. Interest is depicted in the thing that you spend so much time in, the reason being, no one spends a lot of time on a subject they hate lest at one point or another they will complain.

3.What has always been your dream

Dreams are part of life, they always help us strive to achieve our goals. Everyone has always had their share of what they want to do in life and what they want to achieve. The dreams that you got could be your passion that is why it is essential to consider them.

4.If given a chance, what would you explore first

Most people have been held up in their tiring jobs and other activities that they do not find time to exploit their interests. When you are alone at any given time, what do you always aspire to do apart from the normal things you do on daily basis. Look into that which you would love to do if given an opportunity because most certainly that is where your passion lies.

5.What works are you jealous about

In many occasions, we do not all get a chance to express our passions but others do and when we see them doing what we ought to also be doing, we get annoyed and jealous of them.That tinge of jealousy towards something you would have loved to do shows your interest in it. Hence, you should attempt it when you find a chance.

6.Among all your interests, which one would you pick to do first because you deem it to be easy

We all have got varying interests/works which we love doing depending on how easy they appear to us. The work that you can do efficiently at a very short time could be one of your passions. And if you want to know if it truly is, then you should ask yourself these questions, how often do i do it? Do i get tired doing it? Do i love doing it? Is it part of my dream? Answer the above questions and you would probably find your passion.


The good thing about finding your passion is that, you are able to align them with your career goals and strive to achieve your dreams. When this happens, there will be no more stumbling blocks on your route to success, you just gotta channel your strength towards the success of your passion.

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