Love is the most essential factor in life and without it we feel lost, empty and hopeless. Learning to love or rather loving yourself is very vital for any individual. Do not be held up and concerned about loving others to the point of forgetting to love yourself. Have you ever asked yourself why you cannot do some things on your own, why your self esteem is low, why you are not as social as you should or why most relationships do not work for you and why you have never treated yourself to date or done something good for yourself ?. All these issues arise when someone lacks what is called self love. You are only able to spread pure love to others once you start loving yourself because seriously, how can you love others if you do not know how to give that love to yourself.

I cannot point fingers or rather blame those who do not love themselves because mostly this cases arises from an individual’s background. It could be, you never had supportive or loving parents to teach you how valuable you are among other factors. However, you need to learn to love everything about you so that you do not get stuck. Here are some of the tips to help in self love.

1. Be yourself as much as possible.

Have you ever asked yourself who you are and realize that you really might not know? Each and every individual knows what they love doing and what they do not love engaging in. Once you have sorted out all these, teach yourself to push through with what you love doing because that is who you actually are. You might actually realize that you have been emulating others your whole life and that is the reason why you haven’t quite figured who you are. When you do what you love you will be more proud of who you are because you will be doing most of things right unlike when you follow a crowd. Being proud of you is a step closer to self love.

2. Stand up for yourself.

Most of us have got various friends and we also encounter several individuals in our lives. At times our friends would make us do what we do not like and because we try to be loyal to them, we follow them at the expense of ourselves. Learn to tell your friends no to something that does not make you happy and if you lose them, then know that they were never true friends and not worth your time. In life, the people we encounter say at the park, restaurant or at school could be a bit naughty and sometimes they try to pin you down for no reason. Learn to stand up for yourself in a good way and show them that you are worth more. This shows how much you love yourself and you will be respected. Showing your worth indicates that you got a sense of self love.

3. Do not try to please everyone.

Learn to have very firm principles and even jot them down in a journal. Stick to these principles as they make you happy, you do not have to worry about what others think about you but what you think about yourself. Do not stoop so low to please people, because someone who does not see your value when you are yourself will not add any value in your life. Individuals should love you for who you are not somebody else and that is the most important thing. Focusing on self growth and development helps you towards self love.

4. Spend time by yourself.

Most people think that spending time by your own is lonely however, this is much more helpful when you are trying to figure out yourself. It helps you think more clearly and make sound choices by yourself without anyone’s opinion and interruption. When you are trying to figure out who you are I do not think that you need anybody’s opinion, you yourself know the answers better. By doing this, you will be able to decide in your best interest even when you make mistakes then it is a step for you, the feeling that comes with it makes you more proud of who you are becoming.

5. Enjoy your own company.

Aside from spending time by yourself to meditate and think, you ought to also learn to enjoy your company by taking a walk by yourself, go shopping, take yourself to dinner, take selfies or rather do something you love like dancing while listening to music. Enjoying your own company makes you more independent and feel worthy so that even when friends bail on you, you won’t fall into depression because you have yourself. Enjoying your company is a step to self love.

6. Believe and trust in yourself.

Starting to trust in yourself and believing in your instincts will help you to fight negativity and the demoralizing voices in your head. Believe that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to without anyone’s help. Loving yourself is also about trusting your view and being able to fight any downgrading comments concerning you. This will make you more happy about yourself and independent.


Loving yourself is the most important aspect in your life. Self love helps you to be more happy about yourself, be proud, increase your self esteem, be more motivated, find your passion and even be able to fight depression.

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