We set goals with the aim of achieving them. We all got some wonderful ideas that can change our lives for the better.
Individuals come up with different ideas that can formulated into life changing goals. Some people do venture into these ideas and achieve their targets while others explore these ideas but do not achieve their intended goals, however, others fear even putting these ideas into good use. But you would find that most of these goals are not achieved for one the following reasons.

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1. Fear of failure

Most people do not achieve their goals not because they were not capable but because they fear failing. People have a mentality that failure is bad, and I agree with them that it is bad if you do not try again. If an idea fails that does not mean it will not work again, it just means that it needs more effort so that it can work. So many people have had their first attempts fail, but they did not give up, they tried and tried again until they had it working. When an individual fears failing, they can never achieve their goals because they already are negative about their attempts, they do not have hopes for whatever they are planning on doing. To overcome this, you need to start practicing positive self talks, like I BELIEVE I CAN, until it sticks in your mind that you are capable. You also need to treat failure as an attempt so that you can keep trying.

2. Fear of success

On the contrary, when others fear failing, some fear succeeding in their goals. They feel intimidated by what will happen if they succeed, because they might not have made a long term goal for the success. They are worried of what people will think of them once they achieve their goals, what might change for them, how they will maintain their success among other things. These individuals become their own obstacles in their journey to success. If you are a victim of this, then I would not worry about the success have not achieved yet but the ways to succeed. If you are able to succeed then you are more than capable of handling the success itself.

3. We become comfortable

The problem of comfort zone is experienced by most individuals and has become an hindrance to achieving most goals. People once they reach a certain level in life, with earnings that are able to sustain them, they become contented with their standard and stop dreaming. People stop dreaming because they start being comfortable in the level and situation that they are in and end up killing their dreams. Why limit your capabilities when you can achieve more, if you were able to reach the point that you are in now, then you have the ability to achieve a double portion of what you got. You just have to hunger for more. Read more on the things to do to achieve your goals.

4. We feel unworthy

If there is something so easy to achieve, is being an enemy of yourself. In most cases, individuals fail to achieve their goals because they do not believe that they are worthy of the goals. They believe that they cannot do it or rather the goal is too big for them. These issues usually arise in people with poor self love. You need to learn to love yourself and eventually you will learn that you are worth a lot more than you can imagine. You are just the same as that very successful man you know and at some point in time, they felt what you must be feeling, however, what differentiates you from them is the fact that they never gave up. They chased their dreams to the latter no matter what.

5. We complain and blame everybody

The biggest obstacle to success is complaining and blaming everybody. People tend to always find excuses for what they did not achieve. They blame their guardians for not providing, the Uber driver for not being on time, the pen they had to go back to fetch or the rain that poured and they had to wait. If you are fond of these excuses then you might want to evaluate yourself. Do not be a master of excuses but become a master of solutions. If you did not achieve something, blame nobody but yourself and devise ways to counter your mistakes and that will drive you a step towards your goal.

6. Our environment and circumstances limit our abilities

The problem that most people have is that they concentrate more on the wrong things at the expense of their goals. Some would say that they would not attend college just because nobody in their family has ever gone to college. If everyone was to concentrate on their environment then many people would be poor. Oprah Winfrey would not be where she is now considering the tough childhood she had, among other powerful individuals.


To achieve your goals, you need to be focused enough not to concentrate on the reasons why you did not achieve them but the solutions on how you will achieve your goals.

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