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There are a whole lot of reasons why most relationships end. The list is actually endless, but there are those main causes that revolve around relationships. Usually they are the strongholds on the opposite but when not adhered to they are the most destructive. Below are the six main reason as to why they do end;

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1. Poor Communication

Communication is one of the most essential factors that can keep a relationship going. This is where both partners are able to express their feelings, discuss issues concerning their relationship as well else solve the issues that bother them. When communication starts to become a problem then most important issues will be left unaddressed. As a result, the bond between both partners begin to weaken and eventually break. Poor communication can also be portrayed in the event of another partner engaging criticism and disrespectful type of talk when addressing another partner. This can lead to lack of respect which can lead to the end of the partnership.

2. Monetary issues

Money issues are a common cause of break ups in most relationships. Both partners argue on how they ought to spend the cash especially when one of them is an heavy spender and the other vice versa. These differences can lead to serious disagreements that can sabotage the trust that existed previously.

3. Unfaithfulness

Cheating is something that most individuals do not tolerate in a relationship. When one party cheats they betray the trust of the other partner and thus leading to a break up in most cases.

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4. Distance and goal disparities

Talking about the distance between both partners, say as a result of work related issues, for couples who are used to being together for long, it becomes hard to uphold the values of that relationship. The person left behind will feel left out by the other even though that was not the case. When the other partner starts to become selfish of the fact that the other partner is somewhere else, one can decide to put things on hold until they figure out how to handle the situation.

5. End of false pretense

Some individuals on most occasions try to connect with others on false pretense. You meet somebody at a restaurant (complete stranger for that matter) and because say you are desperate for a relationship, you are ready to have a convenient communication with them. At the course of the conversation you realize that you like the individual and thus you begin to act good, as though you like the things he does and so forth. Yes, you succeed in developing the relationship and it kick starts with a lot of hope to last longer. However, with time the other party starts to really know the real you, of which it is the opposite of who they met at the restaurant some months ago. With no doubt, the other person will feel duped and lose trust in you, resulting to a break up.

6. Abuse and narcissism

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you will not be in the position to feel adequate love from your partner because they are more concerned and admire their looks more than they care for you. They will always be bashing at you about how lucky you are to have such a hot person instead of also appreciating you for accepting them. At times, they will even try and compare many things between yourselves for example how your skin is unlike theirs and thus with time lowering your self esteem. People who often find themselves in relationships with narcissists tend to break it off before they ruin their lives.


There is not much to say about the above points. They are all interlinked on the positive side & negative end, through good communication, it is easy to curb the issue of infidelity, it is easy to promote respect and it is much easier to solve anger issues. However, poor communication can lead to all the bad things you can think of in a relationship.

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