Life is too short to be unhappy. In life everyone attempts to find ways to live happily, however, due to too many disappointments that life has to offer, they are unhappy. This does not mean there are no happy people in the world. In most cases, happy individuals often have the following rules to adhere to;

1. Love yourself.

The act of loving yourself, helps you to cherish who you are. Self love raises your self esteem, you tend to realize that you are worth more and that your value is priceless thus enabling you not to settle for less whatsoever. This will render you more happy, because you would not care what other people say about you, since you now understand yourself more than anyone. Loving yourself, will not leave you being desperate for affection from anyone else, but instead, you will be attracting love from others. Love yourself so that you can also be able to spread that love .

2. Ensure that you do good.

The satisfaction that comes with helping others is fulfilling. It is phenomenal when you realize that you have helped somebody in one way or another. Individuals who engage in random acts of kindness towards other people are much more happy than those who do not.

3. Be optimistic.

Being positive in life helps you to deal with stress, they also help you look at challenges in a positive angle and most importantly they help you reach your goal. What is not to be happy about if you are able to still smile in the morning, afternoon, and evening even though your life is rocky. Being optimistic helps to instill some hope in you even if you do not have anyone to turn to during a difficult time in your life.

4. Hurt nobody.

To be happy, you need to try as much as possible not to harm anybody. In everything you do be empathetic and ensure that whatever you do is for the benefit of everyone else. By doing this, you will be able to evade guilt and regret which could easily lead to stress. You will be much more at peace knowing that nobody has a grudge on you, or is going through a hard time because of what you did.

5. Learn to always forgive.

In life, forgiveness is key because you cannot miss disappointments, hatred, and backbiting among many other attacks from people. If you are aspiring to be happy, some of these bad things that people throw at you at times need to be ignored and you need to also be ready to forgive those who wrong you. If you do not let go of grudges, you will be stressed and full of anger which is the opposite of happiness. Most importantly learn to make peace with your past by forgiving yourself of the things you might not have achieved so that you can easily move on.

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6. Have fun.

Happiness also emanates from doing the things that you love. If you love to explore, then do it; if you love music,listen to it; if you love ballet, join a ballet group and many other things that make you happy. You have to understand that you are the only determiner of your happiness, do not let anyone influence you to doing the contrary of what you love. Ensure that you create time to enjoy.

7. Never hate.

Hate is a very strong feeling of dislike to someone or something. The energy and the feelings that are involved in hating another person are very intense thus taking up a part of you. The feelings of anger and hatred tend to accumulate in the mind, heart, and soul of an individual which in turn attracts negativity in an individual as well as other body problems such as heart diseases and many more. This type of feelings hinders you from the happiness that you could have experience if you replaced these emotions with positive ones.

8. Anticipate for less.

The reason why most individuals are unhappy is because once they help somebody they always expect that person to do them something good in return. However, some people are very hard to understand, you help them and they forget that you once did. That is why it brings you so much joy when you just lend someone a hand with no favours expected from them. You will be less disappointed when you do this, because few people only remember to return the favour.

9. Worry less.

There are so many downfalls that we can experience as human beings, some of which we can do something about and those we can’t do anything about. Worrying always creeps in when you cannot tackle a problem. A simple way to deal with this is to analyze the project, asses the available counter measures to apply, and those that which you cannot do anything about, dig for more research and if you cannot solve them, forward them to someone who can handle and occupy yourself with other urgent problems you can solve.

10. Live simple.

Life is too complicated to complicate it more. Your living standard does not overwhelm the importance of living happily. Ensure that you live within the range that you can afford and be happy. Do not allow the surrounding to influence you at the expense of your happiness. Live simple and be happy.


To every individual, happiness comes to them regarding their actions, it is not served on a silver platter. You have to obtain happiness by doing what you love, being positive among any of the above tips.


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